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The Long…

Everyday our big screens, little screens, even our radio screams demanding our attention. Headlines blast and blare the daily rendition of “The most important news of the day!”

They demand we pay attention and many times we do, only to realize we’ve done little more than pay notice to some form of attention laced click bait in one form or another.

Question: Which is more repulsive – Click bait headlines or click bait ads?

It’s OK… I’ll wait.

Some of you right now think the above is related to social media and the swirling cesspool it has become. Although that’s a fair assessment, I think you’d be a bit surprised to find the above encapsulates today’s incarnation of what I refer to as: the mainstream business/financial media complex. And for those wondering – yes, “swirling cesspool” still applies.

I’m fully cognizant that’s an egregious overstatement, for there are some extremely brilliant people I both admire and know that work within it. But more and more it seems unless they tow the line and unflinchingly deliver an aura of “Buy now, buy everything, because central bankers got your back.” You’re more likely to see their faces on the back of milk cartons rather than the front pages or screens. And to me, that’s the truly repulsive issue that’s only grown worse.

I have been at the forefront of business commentary writing on topics such as: Business, Capital Markets, Central Banking, Wall Street, Macro and Micro markets, Tech, Entrepreneurship, Motivation and more, sometimes much more, for well over a decade. Many of my articles and thoughts have been covered or quoted by the biggest names in media around the globe.
(Please note: This only encapsulates what I’ve done since retiring at age 45. See my “About” page for more.)

I know precisely what you’re thinking right now, “Bull-crap, prove it!” It’s a fair point because I, just like you, will ask the same when I hear such a claim. Although I might use the more pointed bullsh#t vernacular, but that’s just me.

Let me make another point: I’m also known for half-jokingly claiming – I’m probably the most famous person you’ve never heard of. Sure it’s a bit tongue-and-cheek, but it’s not really that far off as I’ll demonstrate.

Ever heard your favorite national or local news anchor state: “Reuters is reporting…?” I know I have, which was why one day as I mused “Boy, that sounds familiar.” I was astonished to discover the reason why. It was because I wrote it – and Reuters had reprinted it. Below are just a few examples.
(Please note: I have no formal or otherwise affiliation with Thompson Reuters™, nor should any be construed.)

Many say “Once is luck, Twice is coincidence, Thrice demonstrates skill.” Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. But what I do know is that I can do this all day showing a stream of other examples stretching across the entire global media complex, again, covering a decade. (e.g., The Drudge Report, MarketWatch, ZeroHedge, Business Insider, etc., etc., etc.)

However, with the above said, in reality all it truly shows (and all I’ll claim) is that I have demonstrated I have more than a fairly good grasp of what I’m talking about, which has been proved out on the global stage, alongside many of the biggest names, stories and more in business/financial news. Bar none.

The “judgement” aspect I’ll leave both to you and others to decide, as it should be.

Now here’s the kicker to all the above: I no longer do that anymore. Maybe it would be better to say – I’ve now altered my approach, which brings us to why you’re here: THE MYTR BROADCAST.

In December of 2019 I made a conscious decision to no longer publish articles for both the masses, as well as mass media, and have since created the groundbreaking MYTR BROADCAST, which is recorded live, daily, Monday through Friday.

And yes, “groundbreaking” truly is the proper term. Here’s why…

It features: no guests, no callers, no commercials. Only myself, subscribers, and what I deem the most important aspects of business news needing to be analyzed and discussed, both openly and firmly. More often than not the entire show can be one deep-dive on one single topic. I don’t do “news” for news sake. I don’t do politics either, other than what a political enactment (i.e., passed or proposed legislation et. al.) may mean to business. I leave all the “He said – She said” to the others.

The MYTR audience currently consists of people around the globe (yes, they truly are a global bunch) looking for the most pertinent information, ideas and insights they can put to work in their daily business and personal lives. They do not suffer fools gladly, although they do put up with me, but then again, I own the place.

The format: There is no other program currently out there with a host delivering uninterrupted content equaling the time of most two to three hour nationally syndicated radio programs delivered solely via the host, live, five days a week. i.e., Once you strip out commercials, news breaks and weather reports, most three hour programs are reduced in time by at least half. Cut out callers, interviewees and such – and the host content drops to mere minutes.

Don’t take my word for it. Next time you’re listening to any syndicated program try this experiment for yourself by timing any host of your choosing. You’ll be astonished in how little is said in two to three hours. I know, because I’ve done it.

“Some want to learn how to gain incremental success…”
“I help their competition leapfrog over them.”

~Mark St.Cyr

The MYTR BROADCAST is a conversation that takes place between the listener and myself (hopefully, someday – you) sifting through, then culminating with, the most relevant topics of the day, what they may mean and the insights most never see. All while instilling both informative value, as well as competitive advantage.

So now here’s the real question: Is it for you?

Here’s what I’ll say that most won’t: It’s not for everyone.

Yes, I just committed an Advertising 101 sin. But that’s OK, I’d rather be upfront and honest, rather than try to get you to “Sign up now!!!” through chicanery, platitudes and bromides.

So here are a few characteristics you may want to consider before subscribing to MYTR…

The people that subscribe here are from all parts of the globe encompassing all strata of business scale and acumen. But here’s the most common trait, and from my perspective, most important – they all take direct responsibility for their own business and/or personal welfare, goals, fortunes and families. In other words – they follow what I coined “The Business of I.”

When it comes to my discussion topics and/or approach…

To me – the idea of one being “triggered” (as is currently interpreted) is an outright, laughable and outlandish premise.

In this community – I speak assuming all listening are adults (as was previously interpreted) and wish to be treated as such. I believe this community of subscribers can decipher, rather easily and full well, whether or not someone is being intentionally hurtful, misogynistic, bigoted, rude or whatever else is being circulated as “woke culture” today.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the intelligence of my audience, it is there I do my upmost not to insult.

So if the statement “Since the dawn of Man…” or “Capitalism has raised more people from poverty than any other ‘ism.” breaks you into a cold sweat or bout of hives. It’s probably best to assume this ain’t for you. However…

If you are one of those that are looking for a community where the prominent thoughts are: What’s happening in the world that I should be paying attention to which can give me that breakout competitive edge in both business and/or life? MYTR may just be for you.

So your last question probably is: What’s it all cost? And that’s a very proper one, so here it is…

Access to the MYTR Broadcast is either $29 monthly or $299 annually, saving you 20% vs monthly. Your choice, as it should be.

Each one of these options cost less than most spend on a cup of moderately drinkable coffee per day. If you want to compare it to one’s favorite house of lattes? Well, let me ask it this way: One not only pays for itself in business acumen and competitive advantage insight, but exponentially so. The other? I’ll leave that question and math up to you.

So if you think the above sounds like you, then by all means, please scroll down below and take advantage of which subscriber plan best fits your needs.

The Short…

Basically there are three options if you want to take advantage of hearing my insights. Each has its place, only you know which one.

OPTION ONE: If you allow me to pick the topic or topics in real time, then allow me to expand on them divulging to you competitive advantages with first mover insight and benefits, holding nothing back, you can go directly to the sign up boxes below. Pick the subscriber option that best suits your needs and utilize my perspectives based on the most pertinent issues concerning business today, along with other insights into motivation and much, much more.

OPTION TWO: I rarely travel to speak anymore, however, if you wish to have me speak at your event or organization my current speaking fee based on the keynote model is $45,000 for an event held in the contiguous 48 states. International travel or workshop models are substantially more. To secure an engagement a 50% deposit is required with the remaining balance due 14 days prior to event.

OPTION THREE: I selectively take on clients via retainer on a yearly basis. The investment required is $120,000 annually (U.S.) You may choose quarterly billing, or you can pay in full and receive a 10% discount. Access and topics are specific and limited. There is an in-depth needs analysis review process required for evaluation. The first installment (e.g., $30,000) is required within 14 days of initial acceptance, meaning: before any analysis/instructional review processes begin.

For OPTION TWO or THREE: Please contact Veronica Valladares at StreetCry Media Partners for more details.

For OPTION ONE: Simply choose your preference below.

That’s the short of it.

“Some people try to save time by not re-inventing the wheel.”
“Mark comes up with an idea that is better than the wheel.”

~Dottie Grover, Namesake of the NHCCM Leadership Award

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