” Feedback from persons attending the meeting confirmed that the Monday morning general session was among the best in recent years.”
…William P. Roenigk
Senior Vice President N.C.C.
Washington, DC

Below is a bit of helpful information for those tasked with putting on an event for the first time and aren’t quite sure what it entails and why. It also contains everything the professional event planner may need to move forward without a “contact us” button for even the most rudimentary of inquiries. It’s all written in plain English so anyone can understand. It should satisfy most, if not all, your questions.

Fee Range: $52,500 and up based on travel within the contiguous 48 states. Alaska, Hawaii, or International events require additional considerations where ancillary charges may apply.

(Please Note: Mark’s speaking rate is all inclusive, meaning: there are no hidden charges or fees to be billed. i.e., Airfare, hotel, meals, ground transportation, etc. Please contact StreetCry Media Partners by using the contact page for more details.)

Below are a few helpful hints for those planning any event…

First: If you’re looking for someone to just “fill seats” as they say, then you might be better served hiring a high-profile actor/actress media star or “celebrity” from any of the current agencies with access to them. Although their rates are far more substantial, you won’t have to worry about what content they provide to those in the seats. Why? Because no one will really be there to “listen.” That’s not what they’re about.

They are about the “celebrity” draw. Not content. And each has its place and value.

We’re not trying to be rude – we’re trying to be honest. This is a question far too many event planners fail to think through properly.

However, if your seats are to be filled with high earners, business executives and more, as in people who have demonstrated they belong at the top of both the income strata, as well as the professional. You had better make sure the person on stage at your event has the necessary credentials and wherewithal to deliver thought provoking, as well as pragmatic insights relevant to their needs, whether you hire Mark or not.

Next: Consider whether or not you believe your attendees will benefit from someone who talks about what others have done to overcome obstacles, or one who has actually done it themselves.

Another to consider might be: Who has more insights to share about the benefits or hindrances within what is known today as “the social media space?” One that states only social media can help your business? Or one whose insights are documented to reach millions at any time – and never used it?

Contemplate what type of credibility is needed to address your audience members, such as: Does it come from having their pictures taken with famous people and quoting the latest press? Or someone whose views or insights are recognized by those other prominent voices – and is quoted in the press? It is a distinction with a very big difference.

We know there are a myriad of speakers out there to choose from. All we’re suggesting is that you contemplate what really matters to your audience and choose accordingly, whether it’s to work with Mark or someone else.

Always remember: When it comes to pragmatic insights that one can put to work immediately in their business or personal life. Most can only speak about what others have done as they try to express the how and why. Very few can speak about what they have done, then demonstrate how others can do it also. Once again – a distinction which makes for a very big difference.

We would like to express just one last point when it comes to “Fees” because after all, that’s the first question anyone wants answered, first. And it is this:

The hiring of any speaker, no matter who, should be based on an expected, reasonably calculated, return on investment multiple.

If the focus is on cost alone, then the focus, as well as the choice in speaker, is both misplaced as well as wrong for the event.

Think about it this way: A speaker can be hired today for as little as free. Yet, the return on investment such as “a waste of everyone’s time” can be more costly than ever contemplated.

There’s a reason why some command higher fees than others. That reason should always be “because their return on investment multiple is higher than others.” Anything less, and you’re not saving money you can’t afford – you’re throwing it away.

And yes, that also goes when considering Mark, who by the way, is the one that stressed we include not only the above point, but rather the entirety of it.

Below will give you an overview of what’s needed and what’s expected if you are considering working with Mark. It’s posted here in third person so you can print and give to whomever is responsible to make it happen.

“I’m always interested in what you’re doing. Very inspiring!”

~Laura Whittaker, Program Director, Carnegie Center
for Literacy and Learning

Details for working with Mark St.Cyr

  • Mark is represented exclusively by StreetCry Media.
    Any bureau stating they are representing Mark is incorrect. Another bureau might want to hire Mark for you, but they DO NOT represent Mark. All agreements are made with Mark, and StreetCry Media. A planner or bureau is just one of many possible facilitators.
  • Mark’s fee is all-inclusive.
    In other words: Airfare, Hotel, Ground Transportation, Meals, etc. is all included. This assures you there won’t be any surprise charges after you book. Pricing for speakers has become so convoluted you need a math degree to figure out half of them. Too many speakers, and some bureaus try to game the system. It’s bad practice, and bad business in Mark’s book.
  • Why is “All Inclusive” important?
    Airfare, Hotel, Meals, and Ground transportation are part of this business. However, over the years it has morphed into a proving ground for all out war between billing departments. If one says they required First-Class travel, the other says it was Third Class. Ask for a hotel near the airport, you find out it’s next to another airport that’s 50 miles away. Submit a receipt for dinner, you’ll then receive a query asking if the vending machines were functioning or not. Sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. Only way to fix it, is remove it. This enables everyone to be on the same page with no questions of hidden costs or reimbursements right from the start relieving any unknowns so you can plan your event in confidence.
  • You DO NOT need to be a Meeting Planner, nor a Speakers Bureau to hire Mark.
  • Fees. A one price fits all model doesn’t work no matter who says it does.
    Nor should getting an answer be akin to the chicken and the egg quandary. Everything depends on what you’re looking to accomplish as to wanting Mark to Keynote your event, or if he’s to be part of your event with other speakers, etc. Scheduling, International travel, and a host of other factors can also affect pricing. However to help give some clarity, the most common asked question is: “How much for a Keynote?” (i.e., In today’s parlance suggests how much for a 1 hour presentation or speech, not a multi-houred workshop or seminar. Those are available, however for the purpose of simplification are not listed here.)
  • If it’s in the lower 48 contiguous states you should be prepared to invest a fee of $52,500 and upwards. As stated above, that’s all-inclusive. This is to give you an idea of the pricing structure for Mark so you can make an informed decision on whether to pursue anything further. If you’re saying to yourself, “I can get someone much cheaper!” Mark agrees with you, but at least we wouldn’t be wasting each others time.
  • It requires a 50% down payment to secure an engagement.
    The balance would be due 14 days PRIOR to the event. You may also pay in full and receive a 10% discount. Other terms and conditions can of course apply, however, that’s the simplest way to explain it, and the purpose of this page.

Details for getting the most out of Mark’s speech, aka Mark’s Rider…

  1. Mark needs a WIRELESS microphone.
    To be specific, a clip-on tie microphone with a belt pack is preferred. Mark’s style of presentations doesn’t avail itself to working with handheld or podium style microphones. If you do not have have this option Mark does, but you will need to state it ahead of time so he will bring it. (e.g., Shure® Wireless lavaliere belt-pack and receiver) Mark also uses his own laptop running Keynote® or various other software. He carries his own VGA, DVI and HDMI adapters if needed pertaining to output from his laptop.
  2. NO Sound Out is required from his laptop.
    However, there needs to be AC power within 6 FEET of where Mark will be standing. This will allow Mark’s computer to be within range when he is speaking. Please have some type of table for it to be placed on the stage. A cocktail table works just fine. (please don’t use a chair)
  3. If you are expecting 25 people or more, YES, Mark needs a microphone. Although Mark can scream louder than most mere mortals professional meetings require it for the benefit of all attending.
  4. Projection screens, and projectors.
    Mark of course uses slides as stated above running on Keynote or other Apple based software. His current computer or handheld device that will be with him on stage will be of the same. He usually has any dongle necessary (i.e., out to HDMI or USB, etc.) but it’s always a good idea for your team to have them also just in case.
  5. Please note: Any and all of Mark’s slides or other items reside on Mark’s computer or device and Mark’s only, therefore – they are not and will not be – available for any form of off loading or transferring onto another system or device. If your audio/visual team aren’t sufficiently astute to connect Mark’s computer to the A/V peripherals – there’s going to be a problem. Please make sure everyone’s up to the tasks needed for a professional setting.
  6. For larger audiences you may need 2 screens for better presentation to your audience. However, if you only have 1 please understand: The ONLY items that will be allowed shown while Mark is speaking will be Mark’s slides. In other words, he doesn’t want a camera person switching back and forth between him and his slides. Nor does Mark accept the split screen approach. Too many operators think they can handle it, or state “It’ll look fine.” It won’t. Mark has actual television directing experience, so when he says “It looks easy, but ends badly” you have to take him at his word. So if you are going to have only 1 screen, maybe you can use the savings of the camera operator and possibly get a larger screen.
  7. Mark’s computer is NOT available to be used or held overnight by the AV crew. It stays in Mark’s possession at all times. However, Mark is more than willing to work with your team on an audio-visual check.
  8. Feel free to take as many pictures as you like, however, please, no flash if possible during the presentation just in case we’re recording.
  9. Unless specifically worked out with Mark or StreetCry Media: You DO NOT have the authority to record, or reproduce as to sell, resell, distribute, or redistribute Mark’s talk. Same applies to his slides, notes, or handouts. (Please Re-read.)
  10. “Will Mark customize his speech for us because we have all these points we want expressed?”
    Tailoring subject matter that is relevant and useful to produce results both for the client and audience is always paramount. Mark’s subject matter is always delivered from the viewpoint of what is appropriate and beneficial to all attendees in helping them reach the clients objectives. It’s not the newest revision of some canned “Left Brain, Right Brain Thinking.” Although this subject has been rather brain-dead for years, many still regurgitate it as “New & Improved!” as Mark likes to say. But here’s the real reason why Mark doesn’t do certain requests. It’s because of the convoluted intentions of some. Imagine how it sounds when someone is asking for a speaker to espouse the companies newest and greatest Human Resource policies however, earlier that day they sent out pink slips to 30% of the staff. If you think it hasn’t happened, think why we even needed to state it.
  11. Here’s how Mark would like to be introduced:
    “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Mark Saint Sear”
    Please write it out phonetically as shown here for your M.C. (Trust us, it works!) Yep, that’s it. Mark believes that most introductions are too long, too boring, and by the time most finish reciting their accomplishments since kindergarten, the audience is thinking about the exits. Winded introductions are meaningless, for if a speaker has actual value to give the attendees, no introduction will be needed to work as a reminder of who was speaking.

Some Suggestions…

  • Schedule a break right after Mark’s presentation.
    This will allow people who want to say “Hi” the availability to do so while allowing others who may need to check emails, make quick calls, or visit the lavatories.
  • Size matters when it comes to a meeting. Bigger is not always better. Actually, the room being possibly too small works far better than possibly being too big. Think of it this way, 20 people conversing at a corner bar appears much more interesting than 2000 at a sports arena. Even though there are 100 x’s more people in attendance at the arena, all that will go through everyone’s mind will be…“Where is everybody?”
  • If you have control over the seating, and food isn’t on the menu, it may be a good idea to dispense with round tables, and pack people in together theater style.
  • Although many do it, finishing a presentation with a Q&A is not always the best way. As stated earlier, the best way to end most times is by taking a break. Mark has his own style of getting Q&A into the meeting. There will be times he takes questions in the form of submissions, then will ask a volunteer to read them while he answers them to the group as a whole as just one example. It’s really a play it by ear interaction.

We hope you’ve been supplied with at least a useful overview. If you feel that you have enough information that you would like to pursue a further inquiry, please use the contact link posted below.