A Possibility You Haven’t Read Anywhere

When it comes to politics – I stay out of it. [addendum: Now that the election has passed, you now know why I do just that. aka “Never-mind.”]

The only arguments I raise are what, if any, political fallout will be regarding legislation and what it means to business. All the “He said – She said” I leave for the others.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have conversations with friends and colleagues where we’ll discuss different aspects regarding how a candidate or campaign is progressing, or a particular stance one may have against another when the occasion’s appropriate.

Yesterday was one of those times, and when I interjected the following into said conversation, you could hear a pin drop.

So with that said, I thought it might be of interest, offered solely as a purposed devil’s argument type proposition, which is how I framed it.

Again, it’s not that I believe this is the case. But what I do believe, as many of you have heard me espouse many times prior, is my predilection to the “Tenth Man Argument.” Nothing more.

So now with that all said, here’s the argument I stated that caused everyone to go “doe eyed.” To wit:

I keep hearing across the media and from some of you about some possible “steal” by either side. e.g., Team Red or Blue. However, the issue here is, if one uses the premise that the last election was tainted, the idea is that this time the so called “cheating” would have to be so overwhelming to negate a possible “Red Tsunami” that it would be so obvious – everyone would see it for what it was and call it out.

Maybe, but you could go another way with less work and even more, if not better affect.

If the election does turn out to be a so-called “Red Tsunami.” How would the other side that is accused of trying last time handle it this time? After all, everyone would see it, right?

Well, the easiest way would be to allow the elections to be tallied as quickly as possible, the more “Red upsets” the better. Let the cable shows and news outlets profess upset after upset in key “Blue” venues, where flipping a district was nearly unheard of.

Then, rather than find all these so-called “late uncounted votes for Team Blue.” They find all these counted and/or uncounted, suspicious ballots for “Team Red.” Again, rather than finding stashes of “Team Blue” ballots, they suddenly find stashes for “Team Red.” And it wouldn’t take many, matter of fact, it would be far less work than trying to create enough from your side to overcome any “tsunami” implications. i.e., rather than fill out for “Team Blue.” “Team Blue” fills out and dumps “Team Red” ones to be conveniently found in battle ground or highly contested areas.

See what I mean?

Then, let the wailing begin!


Complete and utter turmoil would then ensue. Market meltdown and more enabling new and “improved” emergency measures called for and unleashed. Mission accomplished.

Again, not saying this is what is going to happen or anything of the sort. However, I do seem to be the only one thinking through the myriad of such possibilities.

But then again, that’s what I do.

© 2022 Mark St.Cyr