Website Update

Thank you to all subscribers for your patience. It seems the moment we put the blog behind the “Subscriber Only” access it created an issue not allowing access. The good news is the issue has been identified, the bad news is it’s not on our end meaning we have to wait till their support team goes in and manually corrects the issue.

It seems we’re not the only platform having this issue at the same time. One of the larger services that is the backbone of many websites made a change that’s creating havoc across the web. They’re working on it currently and believe it will be fixed within a few more hours or maybe a day.

And to ease any nerves, the answer is: No. It is unrelated to anything security wise or a hacking issue. It’s being caused by a self imposed “update.”

We’ll let you know when its been cleared until then you should be able to access any part of the site as we are now running in full access mode until the issue is cleared.

Thanks to all for being a subscriber!

Subscriber Support Team