(For those who say I just don’t get it…get this!)

When I first wrote on the subject of subscription everything along with how this fits in with the decision of net neutrality or, how this changes everything. Many were quick to say my thoughts were probably more bordering on hyperbole other than what’s probably to evolve. With that I would like to show you a headline and story that was reported by the Wall Street Journal over the weekend, To wit:

Netflix to Pay Comcast for Smoother Streaming
Deal Ends Standoff, Might Serve as Precedent for Relations With Other Broadband Suppliers
By Shalini Ramachandran

For those who may not have seen my previous thoughts, here are a few excerpts from:
More on The Subject Of Net Neutrality And What It Might Mean To You: (full article here)

“In my post: The Next Segment Of Luxury – Subscription Everything (You can read the full article here) I made the argument that everything as far as the way the web now works, and or is made to work in the future changes. And not a subtle change either. Everything as far as pricing, availability, delivery, and more – changes or, can change. Period.”

“Well, the ruling is now – law. And that law does one thing different from any laws previous. It gives the cable providers dominion over their pricing models via URL’s access/speed . And that is a game changer.”

“Suddenly, the web that was putting cable operators into the back seat has found that quite possibly this new law hasn’t just allowed them to ride shotgun. Rather, has put them into a brand new vehicle they control with a shotgun!”

Far from hyperbole now, and game changing far faster than anyone else thought – or dared say publicly.

However, that’s not all that changed, and this one goes straight to my other observations that, again, people were quick to tell me my I was way off base because, “This time it’s different!” So I say again, to wit:

Google® just like Facebook® purchased this past Friday a little known company to those outside of silicon valley. Yet, this company along with what they provide as a service to advertisers is not only detrimental to their ad sales narrative, I believe just like of the Facebook acquisition, must be purchased at any cost for fear the narrative gets away from them.

Again – for those who might have missed my thoughts on the Facebook purchase of WhatsApp™ in my article:
What’s Up With Facebook?  Here are a few excerpts: (full article here)

“Why is this such an issue or Achilles’s heel for the media space in general? In my view: It’s the key that can open the door letting in the unwanted wind that can knock down a very carefully built house of cards. The idea that ad revenues are the end all, save all, “Ace in the hole” will leave many an investor shaking their head when they find that card might not be a wild card – but a Joker.”

“What’s being brought to light more, and more about the whole “user growth” issue is what is a “user?” It seems more, and more that “user growth” can be found to mean, “click farm growth.” And that my friends is a very, very, very, (did I say very?) real issue to a publicly traded company if that story finds greater traction.”

So whom or what did exactly Google buy? Well none other than a company that by all accounts was the leading company of the tech world in verifying the absolute fraud and abuse in the very narrative that needs to be protected at all costs – The click farm. For the more traction this story gets (and its data reviewed and verified by advertisers) the greater the threat to any public companies market capitalization via their stock pricing.

So that company? Spider.io is their name, and I’ll bet unless you are an absolute technical expert – you have no idea who or what they are. For those who want to know more here is a link to a video they put out recently about how display advertisers were being defrauded. (Link to video here. If this stays up for long, I will be astonished)

It was published on Dec. 5th of 2013 and so far as of this posting has well under 1000 hits. Yet. I’ve read in some tech circles where this is being heralded as a move of great faith that Google is getting their house in order; as to get more of a handle on the click farm phenom and better protect clients. That may be so however, it can also be just as I expressed in my earlier articles: Buying this company might be more about purchasing the narrative and protecting it more for Google itself because; the ramifications are absolutely stunning and large if this gains traction in a market based on ad revenues fueling bottom lines. Both in the present as well as the future.

As I’ve said before, the changes to an entrepreneur and their business plans or models can change near instantaneously moving forward. Anyone who thinks what was today will be tomorrow as this whole meme of “the internet of things” gains more and more traction is kidding themselves.

Think it’s hyperbole still?

Netflix® is just the first to find out and pay up, And it’s not even been 90 days since the law passed. Think they’ll be the last? Think you’re not next? I would ask you to think again because as an entrepreneur….

It’s imperative to think of the possibilities, not an option.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr