“Marketing made Stupid”…I mean simple.

It never ceases to amaze me on how the new age of advertising ( via the web ) has everyone believing that all one has to do is get a placement on Google’s search engine and …..wala!   Sit back and wait for the money to roll in. I have a better idea…Keep thinking like that, and just sit back and stay waiting. Sure you might have hundreds, maybe thousand of hits, but so what.

In today’s world of data mining and everything done with data, what never changes is how much money it puts in the bank. You can manipulate data and its cause and effects more ways than you can count votes for an upcoming election cycle. But, No Voters… No win! The same goes for money. Manipulate all you want, but  No money in… No money out! What I’m stating to some will seem as heresy. So be it, and here’s why.

Unless your product or service is of the type where you get paid when you can sell so-called “hits” to an advertiser, or for vanity’s sake you want the perceived relevance of a high hit count, does the proverbial “Hit” really matter? A more relevant thought or question would be… Does it really help establish your brand, or help enforce your marketing position? Think about it before you allow a knee jerk reaction. Does it matter if your site gets  hundreds or even thousands of hits, but none translate into a sale? Or is it better to have 1 hit, and that 1 hit generates a sale?  If you’re truly a business person the answer is obvious. If  not, you’re a process person.

Thousands of hits might sound great, but that wont pay the bills will it. This is where most forget it’s about having your brand  establish a  significance so it will create sales that generate net profits, Period! Anything that doesn’t reinforce your brand to generate tangible sales results is not only useless, it may be harmful.

Think I’m a little off base? Here’s a test you can do on your own. Just type into a search engine like Google this phrase……..

Get Rich Quick Schemes

You’ll see at the top the greatest marketing banner ever sold to people who just don’t get marketing. How would you like to not only be the TOP in that group, but also have to pay if someone making that search clicks on your ad? How is that good for your brand, and do you think it would generate a sale? And if it did, is that good business, and marketing?

Don’t ask me……You be the judge.