Chicken Little, or a Canary in a Coal Mine?

There are many analogies we use in our daily life. We hear one say this, another say that, then you hear another use one that seems not to fit, but goes unchallenged in a conversation.

“Birds of a feather, flock together” is an analogy that many of us use, but there is a very big difference in the two birds that I used for the title of this article.

Chicken Little we all know runs around screaming, and constantly telling everyone and anyone “The sky is falling!…The sky is falling!” only to have the message fall on deaf ears. Even as the old saying goes  ” A broken clock is correct twice a day.” might imply you should heed the call of Ms. Little because she just could be right someday, most will just ignore, never even looking up once to even question the possibility.

The proverbial “Canary in a Coal Mine” is a much different bird, and is far more relevent to today’s happenings. The Canary as the saying goes is brought along with the miners and kept with them in the chance event that undetected toxins might be about which could cause great peril, or even worse, a fatality. The canary is more susceptible to toxins, and in the sad case of the canary, it will perish before the toxins fatally overcome it’s human partners in the mine giving them a chance of running to safety before disaster strikes.

The danger that runs through both scenarios is if you ignore Chicken Little totally, and never question her reasoning on why she thinks the sky is falling, the odds are slight, and however minute, she might be right. On the other hand, If you never look up, or back on the canary, chances are that you might not see the indication that you could be in peril. The odds are better in the canary case, but you still have to look up to notice.

No one wants to be thought of as a “Chicken Little”, and even worse, is someone who calls disaster after the fact. Both are as useless as…..(Feel free to fill in your own analogy.)

I made some calls earlier in the year, and posted some of them in this blog so that I could be judged whether my forecasting was in line, or I was way out in left field. My views have not changed, and I’ll post my final entry for the year, and point out where I might be correct, or where I was wrong.

I don’t want to get Ms. Little, or Mr. Canary nervous by crying wolf too soon.