Be Afraid…..Be very, Very, VERY, AFRAID!

First off….Let’s get this right on and off the table. I could care less what political class, side, lover, hater, race, gender or ________ ( you fill in the blank.) you’re on. This post and discussion is for what IS, not what it is not, or what one might hope it to be, or not to be, Period!
We were just made aware that we now have in the United States of AMERICA a person who is…
2. Does NOT…Repeat..Does NOT have accountability to Congress.
3. By his OWN WORDS..Stated that..The President of the UNITED STATES whom appointed him has NO..Repeat NO awareness or Influence on his Decisions.
4. And this persons decision is both BINDING, and FINAL by the Law. (and if you think it isn’t just ignore him right?)
5. We were also told that his decisions apply only to 7 companies…That’s correct now however not the complete picture. Less than 24 hours later, you have the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake release a speech where he believes it should apply to 25 companies. Tax Payer Money should no longer be the trigger….It should be whomever they believe is a RISK to the Financial System. Rep.Barney Frank (D) Massachusetts stated, (I’m para-phrasing) We should look at ALL companies we feel needs this act.
So what company is next?
Yours?…..Mine?…any new Start Up?…How about if we apply this type of logic to that fancy college tuition you’re paying for? Where’s your child going to find the job their studying for? Oh that’s right, If you accept or apply for any college loans, they can ONLY be made through the Government. That’s a new law that takes effect next year. So if the same rational applies for the Government in using it for their decision-making process. If they need people to run these companies because it’s in the good of the Tax Payer, and is needed in the eyes of the Government, what’s to say that in order for YOUR child to finish their degree, or receive one, they’ll have to do some Government Service working at one of these companies, hospitals,_______(again, YOU fill in the blank!)
Gives a whole new meaning to government intervention doesn’t it?

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