The Sharks are no longer looking for blood….They’re chumming!

To anyone who’s not an avid fisherman, the word chumming might mean palling around with some friends. Trust me…that’s not what I mean!

It has been said many times that “Truth is stranger than fiction” , but reality can stand all conventions on it’s head. What went as the norm yesterday or was an unbroken or unwritten rule is now either thrown upon the scrap heap of days gone by, or is relegated to the land of heresy.

It’s a funny thing about economy shifts. Whether for good or bad no one can say things will stay the same. So here’s the latest…..

We’ve all been a custom to those commercials we see over and over again on TV….”If you’ve been injured in a collision….or  If you’ve been given medication that……”  for the ambulance chasing type lawyers. But to my greatest surprise I was shell shocked the other night ( does that qualify for a damages suit?) when on the TV came a commercial stating ” Have you been misrepresented by an attorney in a lawsuit….Did you feel your lawyer didn’t perform his duties the way you believe they should have, and you lost your case resulting in not getting the judgement you feel you were entitled to?   Call us the Law Office of………” Well I almost fell out of my chair. ( Could almost falling qualify for maybe half as much as truly falling in a suit?)

It has long been an unwritten rule that lawyers don’t sue other lawyers, or to say it another way…if there are 3 people in a lawsuit and only 2 will get paid, it’s the lawyers not the defendant who’ll get the money. Doctors, manufacturers, and many others have been at the brunt of trying to rectify or subdue the skyrocketing cost for protection under the so called Torte Laws. So far it has been an almost impossible plight. Most companies and even many professionals have been put out of business, or decided to change careers rather than paying the extorted fees of trying to keep enough insurance protection to dodge a wave of assaults on their business or capitol even if they hadn’t done anything wrong! Just the mere fact that they might have deep pockets from running a successful business has made them targets to prove something they might have never done, or worse…settle for a payment that was less expensive than defending ones self. ( The latter in my book is called extortion..Sorry but that’s how I feel!) All frivolous lawsuits don’t get paid for out of some giant slush fund that someone else pays for. The people who pay are You and Me. We pay in higher prices, or we pay in advances in medicine that wont come on line or be available to the public for fear of lawsuits and too many others to list. It takes a degrading toll on Capitalism and Free Enterprise. This is not to say that there are not legitimate suits and lawyers that work from the highest degrees of ethics. The problem with this like everything else is that the best become mixed with the trash and it hurts and cost us all.

The one glimmer of hope that might now be showing a faint light is that for the first time I can recall or have seen, Lawyers just might start to feel the sharks teeth that are just as sharp and viscous to the extremities that the rest of business has dealt with for years. I can picture it now….3 lawyers sitting at a table in some dim lit tavern…the TV playing in the background, when all of the sudden a loud boom is heard followed by the ungodly sound of….” If you think your lawyer showed malfeasance…Call the Law office of…..”

I think they’re going to need a bigger boat!