Educating yourself right out of competition…..

I was reading that the current administration is changing the laws to allow unemployment recipients to attend school so they can further their education, and compete for those ” New Jobs” in the future.

Don’t get me wrong,  I am a big proponent for education. My Lord I wish I  had the chance to attend a university when I was growing up. As some can tell by my writing skills…… it shows  I didn’t . I was a High School drop out, but with some prodding by an uncle. ( Actually it was more of a threat!) I went for, and received my G.E.D. from the University of Southern Maine. ( How’s that for getting a diploma that sounds weighty!) but lets get back to my real point.

In today’s world one of the first things one will find they must do is Look For Work…and Look for Work ..NOW!…I don’t care what age you are, you need to be in the race and running at full pace NOW or you’ll get left behind with all the doors in front of you locked shut. The only reason you should find yourself in school at this moment is either your in the process of finishing a specialized study .e.g. Doctor, Lawyer, Architect, etc. where the degree is a prerequisite to the job, or your finishing your education this year. If you think you have the pleasure of taking the time you now have as a result of being Unemployed as a time to  “Stretch Out…Relax….Contemplate Life.”… I’m sorry to say your being delusional.

Time is of the essence, people who are thirsty and understand how to get ahead will ( and already are!) running full steam at looking for the jobs with what they believe to be valuable companies. People who can do what they say, and say what they will do, are negotiating with employers right now, Some are taking pay cuts ( Yes Pay Cuts!) to get into leadership companies where they believe they can excel in the coming environment. They are looking to show anxious companies that if they hire them, and trim out unproductive employees it can be a win win for them and the company. They will show value, and will demonstrate the “Value Proposition” to these companies. They are not afraid of seeking out these interviews, and they don’t need, nor will they wait for someone to ask them for an interview. They are the movers and the shakers, they are the ones who never listen to  anyone saying…. “The odds are against you….The economy is too rough right now…..Everyone is looking, Why would they be interested in you?”…etc.,etc. you get my point. But that’s exactly why they’ll prosper in this economy when others will not. Why?…because for the true “Movers and Shakers” there’s no time like the present. Opportunities abound for the person who doesn’t need a “Job”….They’re looking for a company who needs the value of their services, and ALL companies need assets that add value, what they can’t afford is expenses. So if your not adding value…your an expense…harsh as that may sound….it’s true.

I know your asking….”Why wouldn’t these people have more competition now than before?”     That’s easy…….Their competitions in school!