Everybody wants it…..but nobody will pay.

When I was first writing the above headline, one of my favorite Van Halen tunes kept coming into my head…” Everybody wants some…I want some too…” That seems to be the best way to describe every new social interaction web do thingy that comes along on almost a daily basis. First came email then Chat, then Instant Messaging, then Web cams, You Tube, Face-book, and now…..Twitter. I know I’ve missed a few others ( probably more like a myriad ) but you get the point.

In talking to business people and others, it seems everyone is now trying to figure out if they should Twit, Tweet, or God knows what else. In discussions the question I pose is this….How much revenue do you think it will generate in 3 to 6 months? Well that’s all I need to get the glazed deer in the headlights look out of them before they search the deep dark crevasses of their mind in search of answer. What happens next is what I call the ” Pie in the Sky diatribe”.  If you’ve ever been in management you’ve seen this for yourself. You’ll ask someone about the great project, program, widget, do thingy they want to turn the company upside down for and be allowed to have an unlimited budget to research their ideas, but have NO clear answer to show how it can make PROFIT.

I used the word profit specifically because making money is easy, making Net Profits is quite another. All the fore mentioned networking or social networking outlets themselves are NOT…let me repeat this NOT generating profits. The very core users of these mediums if anyone would care to notice not only refuses to pay actual dollars for its use, but believes it is their right to have it supplied for FREE, and objects with the fierceness of a junkyard dog when anyone tries to monetize their use of the service.

I will make a statement that some will laugh at, others will shake their heads and say I don’t know what I’m talking about, but that’s par for the course if you ever been in charge. So here goes……..

“Every form of social networking that is currently being used at this present time within 12 to 24 months will either not exist, or they will be consolidated into one or two entities that will be minuscule compared to their current size, and will cost money to use or have access. The other part of the so called FREE social media networking will be absorbed into platforms like Google or Yahoo or some variation, and more likely will be an ineffective way to monetize  products or services for most business owners. It will only be away of trying to create a so called  BUZZ that most will fail in trying.”

Why do I say these things? Have you ever noticed that every time one of these So Called “Social Networks” comes along ( I call them Time Dumps )…and the company tries to monetize it, what happens? The users move on to another one that’s free. And what happens to all that planning you put into figuring it out? Let’s just say Time Dump becomes a relevant term.

Hold on did I hear a Tweet?…Oh wait…It’s just a bird…but I don’t see him carrying his GPS?…How does he ever get around?…I better Google that.