Let’s call it….”Problems Solved”

I’m writing to inform everyone that I solved the financial crisis. I also solved “Global Warming”, the “Energy Crisis”, and while I was at it “World Peace”.

Some of you I  imagine are very skeptical as you should be, but take my “word” for it…Yes I did.  I wrote it all right down here on my blog. I gave stellar details on how I did it. I wrote flawlessly with every correct syntax, and punctuation that would make an English Teacher proud. ( That in itself should make you suspect! )

My thoughts were bold…my use of debate skills were extraordinary. Well that’s what I would have liked to write…However the real reason for the post is this…In the process of trying to add some new features to the site…Some of my recent posts were Permanently Deleted and Erased! Since I can’t retrieve them, and don’t remember exactly what I wrote, I figured what better time to tell of accomplishments that I never did, and no way for anyone to prove I didn’t.

I figured why not try the same type of false claims most of the so called ” Speakers” claim they can do, or have done. Seems to work for them.Then I came back to my senses….Making false claims Never Works….Might fool others and yourself for awhile, but in the end your going to have to Prove it!