They can’t explain it….But they feel it.

I’ve had many people asking me what I think of the recent events that are unfolding, and if I can suggest any type of advice.

The common thread that runs  through all their questions is…” I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like something bad is about to happen.” It’s very, very scary for people who feel what they thought the future might hold, now just might hold some of their worst nightmares. They’re  watching  TV, or listening to the radio only to hear so called “Experts” pontificate their views of what will, or wont happen in the coming year.

The reason for this feeling of vertigo is no one, and I mean… no one truly knows. We as a people, and as a nation are truly living through historic times. Just imagine  a little over a year ago,  you told someone of the things you are witnessing today. They would have called you crazy! Now with 401Ks losing 40 to 50 % of their value, homes losing the same, and the possible nationalizing of banks in the United States. All seemed impossible to imagine a year ago, never mind live through it today.

In troubling times instead of being scared, and nervous, you need to start being concerned, and prudent so you can begin to take control of your fears. You can no longer take something for granted, and you must start taking control. Many wont even open their 401k statements because they can’t bare to see the devastation to their wealth. Some aren’t preparing for job loss because they think it wont happen to them.  If this is the type of behavior you find yourself doing, your not in control of your life  as much as you may think.

No one can guarantee what the future holds. Some will thrive in this type of economy, some will not. What’s important, is that you are doing everything within your power to not take anything, and I mean anything for granted. It’s the equivalent of your gut telling you a storm is brewing, you may not need to run for shelter now, but you had better make sure there’s provisions ready just in case.