Only the best need apply, but…….

Only the best need apply, but we’re not going to pay you as such. That seems to be the new paradigm that is coming from Washington to anyone who wants to be in partners with the government. I’ve talked with a lot of people on this subject recently, and I am amazed on the different visceral reactions from people.

The problem is…well….visceral. It’s the reaction people give when they don’t ( or wont! ) give any reasoning to their reactions. It’s all from the gut, and no where else.  Thoughts from the gut can be very reliable at times.  I’m personally a big fan of Malcom Gladwell’s work “BLINK”….However, you must be able to also reason with your gut feelings  on whether it’s the only instinct you should follow, or just a piece of the puzzle you need to assemble.

It might make sense at first glance to put an arbitrary cap on compensation, but if you just finished school at an “Ivy League” college, and finished your MBA at Harvard, you’re not going to look towards a so called “job” with an earnings cap. The only people in the end who’ll apply are ones with the “cap” being higher than any amount they could ever dream of making, and that brings us back to…will the best apply?