Let the Games Begin!

Thanks to everyone for your patience in waiting for the new web site and blog to be posted. It seemed like an eternity to get things to the point of where I could feel comfortable with the look and feel of the sites.

Are they perfect?…No. Will they ever be perfect?….Maybe, I don’t know, but that goes to the heart of my first post on this new site. As some of you know I have what is called a (TM) phrase on my web site. It reads ” If you wait for perfection before doing…..Then perfectly waiting is all you’ll do!” I wrote it years ago, and it still stands. If you’re waiting for the world to be perfect before you start something, you probably wont.  If you’re waiting for the perfect economic condition to start….it’s probably already passed you by. I could go on, and on, and on…..I hope you’re getting the picture.

In today’s world whether it’s economic, political, social, or whatever. The one truth that has any merit is this……What is your offering?….and does it add value to your customers. That’s  it, nothing else is needed.  It’s pretty much wrapped up in that statement. The days of companies, people, and others just trying or doing things on a whim are over. Yes….dead and buried, and no one will care about  how it used to be back  in the ” Good Ole Days” . Today’s world offers people, and companies whom offer the value proposition, and  deliver on that value an unprecedented opportunity which has been shunned in the last decades. The inferior people, companies, and tools of the past will not  survive.  Here’s an example……17 different widget stores selling the same items with horrible customer service, and employees more concerned with talking on the phone or other workers than trying to help you….Sorry, that’s  coming to an end right now. Job applicant just throwing their resumes in willy nilly and not caring if it’s filled out correctly, or they are not dressed properly for an interview?….I can hear the door hitting them from here. I’m not saying this will all take place tomorrow, but  I am saying….”Mediocrity will not be tolerated any longer!”…..Value for clients, value for the customer, value for the achievers, and yes….value for you, if you wish to embrace this new world and wanting to contribute with value.  I can not stress enough how strongly I feel on this subject, but if you want get a sense I’ll tell you this…Not only have I decided to speak to more groups, and business leaders than ever before….I’ve also raised my speaking fees. In today’s economic climate…..You either have value…Or you don’t.

Just ponder a few lines from one of my favorite songs, and band Pink Floyd….The song , and album Wish You Were Here….

“Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?…. Hot ashes for Trees?…Hot air for a cool breeze?

Cold comfort for change?….and did you exchange…a walk on part in the war…..for a lead role in a cage?”

Hope you decide to join in.