1. pursuit

People are seeking answers to help navigate the complex world of life and business. Here’s the real issue most miss: you need more than answers – you need insight and how to apply it.

2. issue

Any of this sound familiar? You’ve clicked down so many web-based rabbit holes you now question if Einstein’s theory of time and relativity isn’t more related to his other quip about insanity. You’ve relentlessly read, watched, listened click after click, after click. Yet in the end, all you’ve found is the same old vapid diatribes repackaged as something “new and improved.” We get it.

The web is littered with voices screaming if you have questions – they have just the answer. Some may, but what you really need is insight into those answers and more importantly what to do with them. That’s why we’re here.
So if you’ve finally had it with all that dreck parading around as “knowledge” then your next step is clear.

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The MYTR Broadcast™ is a truly groundbreaking show that hits on the most important and fundamental issues for those looking to both improve their business, as well as life. It’s like no other with its no holds barred delivery via internationally renowned business author, entrepreneur and speaker, Mark St.Cyr.

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“The more people who own little businesses of their own, the safer our country will be, and the better off its cities and towns;
for the people who have a stake in their country and their community are its best citizens.”
~John Hancock
First Governor of Massachusetts, first signatory to the Declaration of Independence

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For those wanting to know a little more about Mark:

Mark grew up in the once thriving city of Lawrence Massachusetts. But “once” is the operative word.
Lawrence had degenerated from its once lofty title of being the “Textile Capital of the World” to being featured across the nation’s television screens as riot police were trying to regain control as the city erupted in a race riot and chaos. All this in the neighborhood where Mark both lived and worked.

Years later Mark would help transform a former employer’s closed building and company in that same depressed area into a thriving dominant wholesaler and ethnic market unlike any other.

Mark would later go on convince McDonald’s® in the early 90’s on the strength and market viability of the local ethnic markets and helped orchestrate their first foray into Hispanic radio advertising which still runs today.

Mark was not the only one to make great strides from tough beginnings. During this same period things weren’t going all that well for not just himself but also for a few friends. Against all odds Mark decided to be successful in business and retire by age 45. His friends wanted to pursue the dream of becoming rock stars.

To just about anyone these were impossible dreams with near impossible odds starting so far down the ladder. However against such odds Mark ended up running the #2 largest independently owned food company in New England with yearly sales nearing $100 million dollars and retired at age 45. His friends went on to garner 4 Grammy nominations and are still one of the top rock bands in the world. Not bad for a bunch of guys starting from as one of them wrote. “The Lawrence I remember was full of murderers, thieves, and rapists. And half the time those were your next door neighbors.” Sully Erna, “The Paths We Choose: A Memoir” (2007, Bartleby Press)

It’s this type of first hand knowledge and experiences that make for a rare combination to express useful and relatable insights people want to hear and use, differentiating him from most of today’s public speakers or writers.

Just how many people today can articulate from a first hand stand point where two people helping out a mutual friend at his restaurant (one washing dishes, the other waiting tables) discuss and talk about how one is going to make it in the music business while the other is going to succeed in business, then both reach those pinnacles of success? No other speaker on the world stage today has that type of first hand introspective with the ability to articulate it where others can find useful insights and motivation.

Today when it comes to business or other trends, there are many examples of where Mark was one of the lone voices to both write and speak the praises of many forth coming, game changing products or services. To note just one: Everyone from Wall Street and other media voices (including tech or financial media) criticized and were making fun of a little understood product with the true potential of the overused “game-changing” product. Mark was one of the few to champion its potential while others made fun of its name and questioned its significance.

We now know that game-changing product: as the iPad®.

Today it seems shocking anyone couldn’t see its potential, yet at the time, very few did: except Mark.

To put credence to this claim Mark was also one of the first, along with Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki, to have a personal App in iTunes® dedicated to their writings and insights. All at a time when the entirety of the media were openly criticizing such a foolish notion as to think “apps” would ever amount to anything. Sounds crazy today, but it was the dominating thought not all that long ago.

The argument put forth by many sounded akin to this: “Who would buy or use such things in mass when desktops and their ancillary programs would dominate for the foreseeable future?”

Now it is the app that dominates. In just 4 short years later apps were well over a $30 Billion dollar industry and they’re still growing, where the opposite (e.g., programs on CD’s) have dwindled into obscurity if not oblivion.

Mark’s writings and insights on financial markets alone have been at the forefront of many of the dominating stories related to Wall Street and global markets. He wrote on the topic of High Frequency Trading and its negative influence on the financial markets when very few (even on Wall Street itself) understood the implications, to then find his insights smack dab in the middle of one the most tumultuous scandals to hit the markets since the great financial collapse of 2008.

This is just touching the surface of Mark’s colorful career and it does leave a compelling question on the table that needs to be asked: Who has or can demonstrate true credibility? Someone who’s actually done it? Or by what far too many do today?

Or, to put it bluntly: They’ve read in someone’s book, that read someone else’s book, who read from someone else, and has now written a book they say you should buy, so you can read about what they read.

If that sounds ridiculous it’s because – it is. But that doesn’t stop many in the motivation industry today from doing just that, which Mark both rails against and deplores.

Mark believes, “Properly articulated actionable advice has no boundary.” Which is exactly the reason why his articles can pop up just about anywhere around the globe from the largest media outlets to the smallest of sites.

Readers have also sent notes and links of finding his insights in the most unlikely of spaces, such as one alerted that Mark was being named an “Expert Contributor” to a women’s health blog. Another sent a note that one of his articles made its way onto a running blog. While yet another found its way to be a feature on a coffee-house blog in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The list seems endless because you just never know where Mark’s insights are going to pop up.

Currently he is the host of the groundbreaking show “The MYTR Broadcast™” airing weekdays Monday thru Friday.

“For some – words are one thing.
For others – it’s the results that truly count.” -Mark St.Cyr