A New Feature: Insight Uprise™

I’m starting a new audio series called Insight Uprise™. Like other projects I’ve done this is in the “No holds barred, quick hitting and to the point genre. Topics and subject matter will vary as it finds its way along.

This episode is the debut. I designed it both in subject matter as well as delivery to be unlike anyone else. It’s not perfect as of yet however, I decided it was close enough for the time being and argued with the editing staff to “release one now!” (The original release was planned for mid Feb.)

The series and production is about 80% complete with final touches or adjustments now in the cue. There are times I believe waiting for that last 20% can be a waste of time. More can be done quicker and faster when everyone understands (and knows) when a time is placed as Seth Godin would say “to ship” then ship it must do. Otherwise more often than not – it will sit in dry dock.

As many of you know I’m quoted as saying, “If you wait for perfection before doing, then perfectly waiting is you’ll ever do.” And I’m a man of my word so today we once again “shipped.”

Love it of hate it one thing will be certain: They’ll be no mistaking me and someone else.

Topic: A Thought On Leadership – Myths


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