One Year Subscription To MYTR Broadcast: $299.00

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Most would want you to just sign up now and as fast as possible, but that doesn’t do either of us any good if you don’t fully understand precisely why choosing this option makes sense or, what it represents.

Yes, this is our best value pricing option. But for that, it does have conditions.

Remember: this option is for those who primarily know what they want, understand the value, and know what they’re buying.

If you think you may want to change or end your subscription in a month or two, or just whenever, this option is not for you. For that flexibility you should choose the Quarterly pricing option, which you can find by clicking (right here).

This Option Is For: A Single Payment of $299.00 – is Non-Refundable – and lasts for one year.

To be clear: Even if you decide to cancel in 1 month, 6 months, 11 months, the next day, or next week – your access to the content would not end till the full year concluded, regardless if you use it or not. That’s the reason why it’s offered at this value price point.

For the full version of Terms and Conditions, they can be viewed by clicking (right here) or, simply navigating to the Terms and Condition page link found on main page of this site.

So, if you still believe this option is for you, then by all means, please continue and we welcome you to the MYTR family.