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What I’m Currently Up To

Many have been asking “Just what are you going to do next?” So with a full 90 days since I closed it all down, I thought it was time for a little bit of a reveal. (No – not that type.)

I have been busy, actually very busy, over these past three months trying to figure out just what I wanted to do next. And to that end, here is a clue…

There will be a new show and more, much more.

It will be nothing like what I’ve done prior, but more importantly, unlike anything across the entire spectrum of media today. And that’s not hyperbole as you will see in the very near future. So with that now said, here’s a brief synopsis…

The new show will consist of three aspects for success and motivation with the combination of philosophical lessons, applied business theories, and current news.

“Why?” you ask. Great question. Here’s the reasoning…

Success and motivation are complex concepts that intertwine with various aspects of our lives. By fusing philosophical lessons, applied business theories, and the most important news of the day, one can gain valuable insights and enhance the journey towards achieving one’s goals. Here’s how these three components can contribute to personal and professional growth.

  1. Philosophy: The Guiding Light

Philosophy has long been a source of wisdom, offering timeless principles that can shape our perspectives on success and motivation. By delving into philosophical teachings, we can gain a deeper understanding of our purpose and values. For instance, the stoic philosophy can teach us to focus on what is within our control rather than dwelling on external factors. Applying this concept, we can channel our energy towards productive endeavors and maintain a resilient mindset.

  1. Applied Business Theories: Practical Frameworks

Business theories provide us with practical frameworks and strategies to thrive in a competitive world. From management theories to marketing strategies, these concepts can be adapted to our personal lives. For example, adopting Peter Drucker’s “SMART” goal-setting technique can help us set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals. By breaking down our aspirations into actionable steps and monitoring our progress, we can create a roadmap towards success.

  1. Current News: Contextual Awareness

Staying informed about the most important news of the day allows us to integrate current events into our pursuit of success and motivation. By understanding the broader societal landscape, we can identify potential opportunities and challenges. Whether it is technological advancements, emerging trends, or global developments, current news keeps us attuned to the pulse of the world around us. This awareness enables us to adapt our strategies, make informed decisions, and envision new pathways for growth.

By combining the three aspects of philosophy, applied business theories, and current news, one can cultivate a holistic approach towards success and motivation that’s both achievable, as well as functional. Each element brings unique perspectives and tools to help one navigate our personal and professional endeavors.

But there’s a catch. (Isn’t there always?)

It’s one thing to construct all the above and lay it out as I have. It sounds great, sounds darn near poetic for application and more.

Yet, if you believe the above can just be supplied with nothing more than news of the day headline soundbites, a litany of quotes and bromides that say nothing and teach even less (i.e., “When life hands you lemons…”) Or, my personal favorite – some 20-year-old “Influencer” dispensing life lessons for unbridled business success and life balance on some Spotify® podcast or YouTube® channel? This won’t make much sense for you. However…

For those of you that truly want something that addresses precisely what one needs to not only survive within this current business environment – but thrive?

I believe this is going to be the offerings you’ve been searching for and have not been able to find – anywhere, at any price. How do I know this?

Because it’s precisely what I wished I could find but never could my entire career. The difference now is…

My career of business acumen and writings that found their way to be carried on some of the largest or most influential business and/or news sites around the globe allows me resources and, more importantly, credibility, to now create it. And that’s precisely what I’ve been engaged in of late.

There’ll be more details coming out in the very near future. However, with so many inquiries over the past few months, I thought it was time to share a bit of it with now myself knowing more on what and where I was going next.

So there you have it – for now. More will post when I believe appropriate, so just check back when you feel the need, for I jettisoned all prior email lists and have not yet started another, again, as of yet. Details to follow on that also when appropriate.

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