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The Broadcast and more…

I decided with six weeks now under my belt regarding the show it was time to reconfigure more towards my original intent for relaunch.

Although I’m still quite confident many of the discussions and subject matter have been far more informative than any others, barring none. What they (the shows) have been at times is far too much rambling from subject to subject, and a bit too much trodding on the “resume” for why someone new should listen. A necessary evil for the newcomers joining in for their first time, but honestly, as I’ve said many times prior – it gets old almost immediately for anyone that’s already heard it.

Trust me, no one likes talking about themselves and their past accomplishments more than me, however, after enough listen throughs myself even I started to say “C’mon – get to the point already!” So now I am, but to the bigger one which involves a full reformat more inline with what I envisioned to begin with.

As I’ve said ad nauseaum: the show thus far has been in free-form style as to work out bugs from me being idle after a year, while also considering alternative paths in real time where I want to take it that better suits both this ever changing environment, but most of all, makes it a better and more desirable show for you, the listener. After all…

That’s what it’s really all about, is it not?

So during this break (July 10 – 14, returning Monday July 17) I will still be posting notes here, especially if I see something happening within the “markets” I believe warrants attention.

Until then.

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