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Essential Holiday Viewing

Here in the U.S. we are about to celebrate what many of us consider the most important national holiday on the calendar: July 4th. It is the most important for one singular reason…

Without what transpired via that fateful event: nothing, which far too many take for granted, not only doesn’t happen, but rather, may have even been allowed to. Period, full stop.

With the above setting the table for the next few days I decided to do something a bit different this year based on the current circumstances that have both come to revelation, as well as the possibility of where these “revelations” just may be heading, to reiterate, which most have no true understanding.

You’ve heard me say (some will say “ad nauseam”) about how I sudenly found myself in the center of the controversy known as shadow banning, censorship, conspiracy, Russia collusion and more back when this whole idea was itself claimed as “conspiracy.” However, today, years later any knowledgeable person trying to pay attention understands that this is now all fact. Whether they want to believe these facts is the question for themselves to answer – not for me to try and convince them. Let’s just say “Been there – done that – doesn’t work – done trying.” Again, period, full stop.

So during this period I’m going to post three references I would like you to ponder because, they are important in two ways to my entire discussion regarding any of this.

First: Below is a video by journalist and author Michael Shellenberger given just recently at the University of Austin Texas. You may have heard his name and can’t recall why, so to help, if you’ve read anywhere about the so named “Twitter Files” he’s one of the group that exposed it. (along with Matt Taibbi, Barry Weiss, et al.) So if you want to get a handle on what has happened, what is happening and what may further happen. Watch the video below. It’s about an hour in length and if you do, you’ll know and understand far more than just about 99% of the general public that says they’re for “Free speech.” Hint: most don’t even understand the true concept.

Here’s the video. I would also caution you to watch now before it too finds itself taken down suddenly, you know, for “Conspiracy!” To wit:

For the second point, it goes much inline with the first and is a screen-grab from it.

As many of you know when trying to give reference for credibility’s sake in some arguments I’ll use the varying major news publications my work has either appeared on or, quoted me over the years. Some are of the largest outlets known globally with a reach for viewership of the same. What I’d like to direct your attention to below is that screen-grab I alluded to which shows just how high up the news scale the Drudge Report™ was considered for power of influence. I say this only because when I say “When any one of my articles appeared on the front page of Drudge…” You’ll now get an idea of why when I reference it. Said differently: To the censorship complex – it was deemed so relevant, important they dedicated intense scrutiny and effort deserving of an entire day itself for a censorship war gaming exercise. Again, to wit:

Image Source: screen-grab from video above between 19 to 20 minute mark. Circle notation my own.

Then there’s the third, which is an interview I did with Charles Hugh Smith when the original take down, shadow banning and censorship escapade first came to light in 2016. That’s when he, myself and others found our names, websites and more either directly named in the now infamous “Black Friday Report.” (e.g., Ron Paul, Naked Capitalism™, ZeroHedge™, Drudge™ and more.) Suddenly we all found ourselves splashed across the entirety of mainstream news media as “Russian _______(fill in your own here.) Even though people like myself didn’t dabble in the “he said – she said” world of political tripe they were accusing. It was utterly bone chilling for its implications.

But as scary as it was – it was also eye opening in just how fast, and how forceful, this same media could shut out viewership and/or our readership like the Hammer of Thor in impact and speed. Overnight we went from being everywhere – to not just nowhere, but quite literally to near non-existent. (Side note: Trust me, you can’t fully appreciate the sinking feeling one gets when you’ve just read, in all the major press, that what should be done next is to have the FBI round you up – and lock away. Again, trust me on that one.)

Viewership of our articles, thoughts on our own websites and more were crushed 90% plus near instantaneously. Many of the once “news worthy” mainstream media outlets no longer referenced us or linked any more. Some of them purged us all together. Back articles, back links from articles and thoughts that ran on their front pages prior? Hint: “What front page? Who are you? We searched our archives nothing on you comes up.” Click.

Some have either said out right to me over the years “What you’re saying is just untrue, stuff like that doesn’t happen.” Or they use the quick nullifying term known as “Bull sh#t!”

I get it, trust me I do. But that doesn’t change the point that when I say what I do that I’m making it up. You can see it all in the above video and decide for yourselves. Just remember, this is all showing you what has been building and seemed to reach a zenith in 2022. But if you want to go to the original origin of how, where and why it began in the first place? It’s 2016 and I’m at the center of it, which I documented and published all through it and resides in my archives. Or, as is said today “I have the receipts.”

So to finish, I thought it was only proper to post one of the only interviews I’ve ever done on my show from back in 2019 when I had the aforementioned Charles Hugh Smith come on and we talked about just this topic and what they not only did, but were continuing to do. i.e., traffic to our sites not only never recovered no matter what we tried. We’re still, in many ways today, remain blacklisted.

The audio below is so so. It was when I was first trying to see how things like this could be incorporated into the show and we just hadn’t yet figured out all the little tweaks that needed to be done, so there was some distortion that I/we didn’t hear that subsequently got embedded into it and we couldn’t remove it. So bearing that in mind, the content still speaks for itself, or rather, don’t take my word for what I claim, take Charles’.

Once again, to wit:

And last but certainly by no means least. If you don’t have time nor care to peruse any of the above, that’s perfectly fine. But remember: all the above is only available via the words professed, along with the blood and treasure lost, to fortify it. If you do nothing else, read, if not reread the only document that made/makes it possible…

© 2023 Mark St.Cyr

Note: This is not trading or investing advice of any sort. This commentary is for “big picture” discussion purposes only. Please read, or re-read the “About This Site” page for any questions or clarifications.

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