Apple Vision Pro: worthy impression

Earlier this week I gave my impressions, and a few other observations, on Apple’s latest product called Apple Vision Pro®. Since then I’ve received a lot of inquiries from friends and family asking me for further insights. I keep saying “Watch their WWDC keynote for yourself and you’ll probably get more out of that than asking me.” But the response keeps coming back “C’mon, can’t you just tell me? I really don’t have time for that.” As I say internally: “And I do?” But rather than fulfill a stereotype (i.e., cranky SOB!) I thought I could give a happy medium, which is below.

Marques Brownlee is what is now coined as an “influencer” regarding tech. But the canned phrase does him a disservice. In actuality he’s very good at what he does and has become a go-to for myself when I want to try and get more insight into something I may have some interest in.

His latest on this product is quick, thoughtful and useful, therefore, if you want a bit more info on this product from someone who makes their living on breaking down precisely this type of material that’s understandable and relatable. I’ve posted his initial reactions on it below, where he actually was able to have a hands on session with it.

So, if you would like some further thoughts on this – here you go and you’ll be in good company.

Because that’s where I’m also sending everyone that asks me from here on out.

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