Needed Now More Than Ever

With the return of the show scheduled in just a couple of weeks. I thought I’d take this time to both mark the calendar, as well as point out just how relevant the timing of it may be.

It was one year ago this month I closed the show and stated the following…

“If you still want to question my assertions for what I’ve been arguing is coming forth and its severity? ‘Good Luck’ is all I can say, because if you hadn’t heeded anything I was arguing prior, it just may be too late.”

The above is a paraphrase and condensing of my arguments. But at that time – it was met with a whole lot of skepticism if not out right laughter both from casual followers of my work to the professionals that continued across the mainstream business/financial media landscape. At the time of my signing off the “markets” had pretty much assumed their nascent trajectory to even newer highs and looked like it was all “blue sky ahead.”

Hint: Fast forward to the end of last year and all the headlines of “One of the worst…” Or, if you’re brave enough, look back at your year end retirement statement. Need I say more?

Which brings me to today…

As I type this, here in the U.S., we just experienced our second largest in history bank failure. It is the third this year following its newest history makers in the #3 and #4 position that happened in the days of yore known as – this past March. Here’s a list where these failures stand and their size. To wit:

Image source

As alarming as the above list is, there’s something inherent here that is going to be missed by most, and it is this…

In all of about six weeks, we have experienced a larger total of failing assets than the cumulative total of all the others combined on that chart which spans 11 years.

And the “markets” are acting as if it’s just another day in the park.

If you believe this is just “a new normal.” You’re going to be just dazzled on how much more “newness” you’re going to witness before this year is out – if not sooner. As in real soon.

Originally I planned a few months back to be live in full on May 1st, but circumstances prevailed where I could not. (I’ll discuss why and more in depth when the show returns for the venue allows for more details. Trust me, they’re doozies.)

However, getting back to my original point, look back again at that chart above. Does anything else stand out? If not, here’s just another hint and a parting bit of food-for-thought.

In March of this year, just a tad over six weeks ago – the U.S. banking system had two failures within two days of each other, when added together, are larger than the largest bank failure in history. And yet – barely a blip in the mainstream business/financial media.

Now we just had another and it’s just another day at the office, right?


Think about it, see you in a few weeks, for the timing to relaunch the show couldn’t be better or more needed, if I do say so myself.

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