And They Said I Was “Just Nuts!”

I’m just posting this for a few reasons. The first…

The relaunch of the website and show are still on course for sometime this spring. I can’t give a nailed-down date as of yet because certain aspects are still in flux. I’ll keep you posted and will alert on the front of the website, like I did this post, when fitting. So stay tuned.


For those of you who were either readers of my work or listened to the show, remember when I first argued, then stated, I was shutting down the website and show and returning subscribers paid fees back in early 2022? Precisely, remember why? To refresh, here’s an excerpt from one of those posts. To wit:

I’ve never hoped in all my years that what I see on the horizon that was originally classified as “Crazy talk!” by many, doesn’t come to pass. Believe me when I say this: No one would be more happier to be wrong on this than yours truly. Period. Full stop.

Yet, the unfolding events since my return to the show after the hiatus in November of 2021, with the subsequent arguments I made regarding the Federal Reserve, their policy stances, timing, and so much more have all come to fruition with the resulting issues I’ve argued and warned.

I believe the unforgiving storm clouds of a historic nature are now visible for anyone that wants to see. But the time for preparation may now be past. It may all only be reactionary from this point going forward, and that is going to be a terrible state and process to endure for many I’m afraid. Again, no one, repeat, no one wants to be more wrong than me. But only time will tell, as always… We shall see.

Quoted from one of my final subscriber notes, now archived

And here we are.

What happens going forward from here is still evolving and more consequences of the past actions via the Fed. and more are still going to play out. i.e., we are not even close to things being over – they’re just beginning.

But how is this “beginning” starting to play out? I’ll let an excerpt from an article via Naked Capitalism’s, Yves Smith on March 20th set the tone. Again, to wit:

What is happening now is the worst sort of policy meets supervisory failure, of not anticipating that the rapid rate increases would break some banks.1 Here we are, in less than two weeks, at close to the same level of bank failures as in the 2007-2008 financial crisis

“Fed, Central Banks Created the Current Crisis and Are on Course to Making Matters Worse” Yves Smith, Naked

I would advise anyone reading this to read the above article in its entirety. It’s epic IMHO.

To reiterate: When I was laying out my arguments and more those in the mainstream business/financial media said publicly and privately what I postulating was “Just nuts!”

But to reiterate once more…

And here we are.

Who’da thunk it, right?


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