Context Is Clarity

As we continue to embark on the changes here at MYTR™, I want to point out one last “market” related issue that should not only be an eye opening experience into just how perilously poised the entire “market” system currently known as “Wall Street” sits, but rather, precisely the mindset that has/is mostly controlling it – all of it.

i.e., It’s not what (or whom) most believe.

Here’s why you need to understand that line because, it’s in the current context that’s the key for clarity and currently it is on full display.

Yet, still far too many are blind to it. But not for long if my original inklings are proven correct ever further. This year has been a seminal transition point for this Potemkin Village styled market, you are now witnessing in real time one of most pointed statements I’ve argued for years…

“Markets right themselves with pain, that’s capitalism. However, the more one tries to put off that pain through back room styled manipulations and more will only increase that pain exponentially down the road when it is both least bearable and affordable.”

You are currently here, which is why I decided to end trying to warn back mid year, while also stating…

“If you don’t understand or have argued against what I’ve been trying to warn about prior? I’m sorry, I have to now stop trying for it may be already too late. Best of luck.”

I could go on, but you get the idea, now you see precisely that premise unfolding in real time.

Again, I’m just going to point out one thing that should add context, however, not into what is currently being said by others, but rather, what I’ve been banging my keyboard about for years: This entire edifice of techno finance and business “brilliance” run amok via Wall Street/central banks financing has been created and run, mostly, by posers with college degrees that are less authentic and/or useful than one-ply toilet paper.

Here’s a qualifier of what I mean from just the latest…

As I type this, there are congressional hearings being held regarding the entire FTX™ debacle and its figure head of once political donations heft and lauded CEO of “business genius” Sam Bankman-Fried aka SBF.

SBF had sent a response letter to explain his actions to a congressional hearing with the opening line containing, quote “… I f##ked up.”

That is the language and proclamation of childish thinking that he’s making some form of an emotional point for sympathy in what used to known as “a grown-up’s world.”

It’s beyond pathetic on so many levels.

Yet, this clearly shows (and is instructive) the type of mindset that was (and still is in many other organizations) in charge and hailed as “The Next Warren Buffet” (actual Fortune™ cover story headline) by everyone in the mainstream financial/business media.

But again, he’s not the first to display such man-child behavior.

Remember the IPO filing regarding Snap Chat™ years back? There too the entirety of the same media was embarrassingly clueless and made complete idiots of themselves via live coverage as it was billed to be “The greatest thing ever!!!” But that’s just the half of it.

As I said back then…

“Any business enterprise that would submit in their IPO filing documents (which Snap did) the word ‘poop’ as to prove their thesis for why they were worth investing in (aka worth $Billions) was nothing more than a sham in my opinion. Period.”

But the founder had been on the cover of Vogue™ so who was I to question why, right? Right?

(For those that forget or don’t remember it. They used the term as to show just how tethered people were to the phones, paraphrasing “We even go poop with them.” And since we’re talking about stuff that goes down the toilet. If you were one of those lucky to get in on that IPO hype, or at any time for that matter? You have my condolences.)

But now there’s an interesting tweek (or tweet?) that is being brought forward, and from a place I’m still wrestling with how it will all shake out: Elon Musk and Twitter™.

First the Musk angle…

Look, I’ve made my opinions quite clear regarding Elon over the years and stand by them i.e., I believe he is a P.T. Barnum styled incarnate. I’m also still on the footing that his initial proposal to buy Twitter was in many ways a ruse for different effects and reasons then, to his dismay, subsequently found he had to follow through with the purchase or, it would have meant disaster in court.

However, once he did, and already knowing it would never be able to be turned around to profitability at $10’s billions (my opinion). He could go full scorched earth and release everything under the guise of “Look, it’s not me that’s causing this thing to lose value (or my entire empire) it’s all these dastardly others selling me short!!!”

That is still my argument and I have not seen anything, as of yet, to change it. As a matter of fact, the more scorched earth he goes, the more sure footing I believe I’m on. As always, we shall see.

However, what we don’t have to wait for and is now clearly visible: the fallacy of the “boy genius” CEO Jack Dorsey.

I made the case and argument that Jack Dorsey was brought back to be a part time CEO of Twitter only because it was a hail-mary for Wall Street to possibly save its valuation story – because all of it (both Twitter and Square™) was a fable in my opinion. The entire thing reeked of fluff and stuff. (and just like Snap, if you bought into Square’s IPO or anytime after, again, you have my condolences.)

It has since been reported that his “involvement” as an actual CEO has been far more fluff than anything resembling stuff. But that’s not my main point.

The real point is something I argued when all these so-called “tech leaders” were brought up for congressional testimony prior, where I made the argument: They are not the ones in control of the company – the employees are. For if they try to do something they know they should do from a business perspective, and if the employees decide, no? They will have to change their tune and try to cover it over as if it was they who changed their minds, when in fact, they couldn’t implement jack-sh#t if they wanted to.

Or said differently: The inmates controlled the asylums – not Mark Zuckerberg, not Jack Dorsey, not Sheryl Sandberg or _________ (insert your choice of whomever here).

That is now been proven as fact via the latest coming from what are now called “The Twitter Files.”

What the above needs to be taken as is this: It’s a representation of both who and whom is in control of much of tech, Wall Street and more. Or said differently…

Suddenly everyone is having to come to grips with everything they thought was real was actually nothing more than the equivalent of a group of teenagers with no limit credit cards throwing money around and posing like they were geniuses, bosses and more.

Now, there’s no more credit cards yet, the payments are due and will keep coming where actually making profits to cover them is all that matters – aka posing no longer pays.

And here we are. Just like I warned.

© 2022 Mark St.Cyr

Note: This is not trading or investing advice of any sort. This commentary is for “big picture” discussion purposes only. Please read, or re-read the “About This Site” page for any questions or clarifications.