(For those who say I just don’t get it get this.)

Over the course of writing articles and essays one of the topics that was created first in jest, then later because of prodding from subscribers, was the “F.T.W…” series.

What these contained were very important topics, with laid out arguments which the entire mainstream business/financial media appeared clueless in seeing, seemingly being more focused on insulting myself or others with similar viewpoints. i.e., The arguments they (mainstream business/financial media) used were always vapid and/or outright specious. (Jim Cramer anyone?)

However, rather than be a “I told you so.” type, or a “Nah nah nah nah nahhhh.” social media twit-wit. I would put one of these together when a very important topic or issue unraveled again and again in complete opposite fashion posed by all the so-called “smart crowd.” i.e., I could demure “I told you so,” without needing to say the words, these became a favorite of subscribers taking on a life of their own over the years. So much so, I could probably fill a book, but that’s for another time, maybe.

So the obvious question currently for people reading here for the very first time might be, “Just what would one of these entail, and just how meaningful would they actually be?”

I’ll say, that’s a great question, and post the latest for you to decide.

So here we go…

On August 19th of 2022 I made an argument in a post titled “That Moment To Mark The Calendar” and in it made the following commentary. To wit:

So now there are lot of you thinking, “So what does all this mean?” It’s a good question, and it is this…

If I’m correct: The original “projected target areas” are now both on the table and possibly within reach in the very, very, very (did I say “very?”) near future. And if that is so? Forget what I think – you need to begin summation for your own conclusions and possible actions. But that’s where we are via my purview.

“That Moment To Mark The Calendar” August 19, 2022

What was I referring to?

That’s another great question, and I’ll use four charts or “pictures” that speak for themselves below.

Again, for those that may be reading this for the first time: My website had gone “dark” (i.e., rebuild mode) on May 31st and I had not been posting anything as I currently revamp my entire offerings going forward in 2023.

So to get a real understanding in toto for what I was arguing, you need to truly read that article and the subsequent progress. (Link is here) e.g., There are only four new posts in total since then, all others from prior are now unavailable and archived.

So with that said, here they are (the progressing charts only) in order…

My initial warning in November-December 2021

(Chart Source)

Then on May 31, 2022

(Chart Source)

Then on August 19, 2022

(Chart Source)

Then today October 2, 2022

Chart Source)

Here’s all that’s needed to be said further (from me) regarding Markets, Wall Street, Business, Finance and more…

I would ask you to look for yourself across the entirety of the business/financial media landscape and find anyone, barring none, that comes close to the above in analysis and predicative surety. All the while remembering, what all those other so-called “experts” were also touting during these months. Hint, rhymes a lot with “Won’t and can’t happen!”

And for those that think I may just be a “one hit wonder.” Here’s a sampling of another on what was suppose to be the next all consuming “rocket ride to riches” vehicle: Ethereum and NFT’s. Again, to wit:

On May 27, 2022 right before I closed the site I opined for subscribers the following…

However, since my predictions and charting for the process (aka rapidly dissolving Bitcoin™ debacle) within the crypto space has turned out to be not only prescient, but more importantly, correct. I thought I would share a chart of the current dilemma for the second wonder child of crypto (aka Ethereum) and where it is currently poised for the possibility of much further pain, if not extinction event.

Yes, I just said that.

“Ethereum: From Talk Of The Town…” Archived

Here’s the chart I put forth in unison with that note…

(Chart Source)

“So how has hat all worked out?” you may be again asking. Another great question. Let’s see shall we? You know, since after the “merge” and more was suppose to catapult it to new and even higher heights. Again, to wit:

As of October 2, 2022

(Chart Source)

And here’s a bonus line from that same note and another chart to prove the relevancy…

The above portends a possible, literal, extinction event in the future – not a new road to riches scenario. If so? Jack Dorsey “Boy Genius” loses the latter half of that moniker faster than his NFT lost its value.

Again, “How’d that work out?” Let’s see…

Here’s Square™ aka Block Inc. The once darling of all that was both crypto and founder messiah complex.

(Chart Source)

So what about those NFTs?

How many do you think are still “crushing it” from insight from the so-called “champion” of NFT insight. aka Gary V? Or, maybe, – they’re just getting crushed, literally, as this latest headline suggests…

“NFT Trading Volumes Have Collapsed 97% Since January Peak” ZeroHedge 9/28/22

Hint: Ethereum went from over $3500 (and that was down from its near $5K highs) per token the day of the show (and required 2.5 tokens to attend from what I can gather) to a value in the $700’s just six weeks or so later.

Can you say “Crushed?”

To be fair, I have nothing against, nor bone to pick, with Mr. V. I’m speaking in direct proportion to the idea that I believe he and so many others fell prey to. i.e., “This time it’s different.” Only to find out, the hard way, it was not. Just as I predicted.

This latest note will more than likely be the last posting referring to any of this until the rollout of my new offerings. Again, the only reason for any of them was as I iterated in my August 19th post for past subscribers.

However, since then I thought it was fitting to do a few more in real time as to lay out in public a few more “receipts” as they say, because all of my prior are now archived.

You can either think I know what I’m talking about or not. Personally, it no longer matters to me either way, as I’ve said, I have all the receipts to prove my arguments right in my archives. e.g., I no longer need to defend or address naysayers. I personally could care less and the above speaks for itself. So you decide, as it should be.

Just a reminder: You can see these last four posts, in order, simply by clicking the “Previous” post link below.

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