Crazy Talk

Remember when I stated (and repeated ad nauseam) on the show: “I don’t believe the Twitter™ deal with Elon Musk ever finalizes, because it’s my conjecture the whole premise was a side show to take the spotlight away from issues regarding Tesla™?”

Well, I have yet to be proven correct, but I believe I’m on the right glide path. To wit:

Headline from ZH…

Gordon Johnson: Tesla’s April Sales In China “Implode,” Fall 98% Sequentially, Despite Musk’s Commentary To The Contrary.

Johnson wrote to clients in late April: “In short, we believe E. Musk saw the move in Netflix’s stock ex-growth in [last week’s] trading session, and wanted to paint a picture that, no matter what, TSLA will not go ex-growth, on a unit sales basis, in 2Q22 (we believe his forecast here will prove [very] wrong).”

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Headline today, same source but currently everywhere else simultaneously, again, to wit…

Twitter Tumbles After Musk Says Deal On “Temporary Hold”‘

All purely coincidence, I’m sure.

Speaking of “glide path” here’s another to show where we currently are regarding the “markets” using the same S&P 500™ futures chart I’ve been using since Dec. To wit:

(Chart Source)


(Chart Source)

Remember when postulating any of the above seemed like “crazy talk?”

And here we are.

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