Weekend Observations

A week ago last Sunday I made several observations and possible predictions. I did this via a plethora of charts of what has been deemed some of the most important companies to the entire health and price levels for everything concerning the “markets.” To say it was “a rough week” for many of them would be an understatement.

It has been quite an interesting weekend for yours truly regarding many a conversation I’ve had with friends and colleagues, who suddenly feel it might be important enough to reach out to me to “hear my thoughts” concerning the above. As I always like to say (and, yes, I do say it to many of them but in a kidding manner, well, kinda)”When my phone doesn’t ring – I know it’s them.”

This week that we’re about to enter has the potential to make last week look down right constrained. Again, has, no one knows.

With a Fed rate decision and possibly much more on deck Wednesday, any surprise move either to hike, reduce the balance sheet immediately or anything remotely that came be construed as “dovish” (i.e., a 25 basis point hike vs a 75, etc., etc., etc.) could send the “markets” roaring higher on short covering and over sold conditional bounce – or -send it all lower, much lower, with a real sense of panic. Again, anything is possible.

Again: anything.

We’ll discuss this and more on Monday. However, what I would like to leave you with is an update of those charts I used last week as to show where we currently stand. I’ll post them in the same order. To wit:

Facebook™ aka Meta™

(Chart Source)


(Chart Source)


(Chart Source)


(Chart Source)

Google™ aka Alphabet™

(Chart Source)


(Chart Source)


(Chart Source)


(Chart Source)

Square™ aka Block™

(Chart Source)

Just one last thing, if you’ll indulge me, because I believe it’s just as important to fully understand where we are as much as what the above possibly signals.

On March 25th CNBC’s Jim Cramer and guests argued that the “Bear market was over.”

April finished with one of the worst in its history, and is the worst April since the Great Financial Crisis in 2008.

But they’re on TV, so they must “know” something, right?


See you all Monday.

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