From Face-planting One’s Integrity To Nosediving Their Value Proposition

Remember when a certain college professor was all the rage of the “Cool Kids” regarding his thoughts on business, tech, stocks, start-up investing and more? Well, it would appear, all that “insight” has been shown to be either worthless or worth less. The judge for which one is in the eye of the beholder, but neither are distinction one would want on their resume or academic credentials. However, presently, that is precisely where one Scott Galloway finds himself.

Back in February I made an argument calling out what I saw as another vapid argument wrapped in the self hubris for self importance when the professor decided to leave his Spotify™ show for CNN+™. However, as the news of the day unfolds, it would appear that no one, like in no-body, thought what Mr. Galloway and the other so-called “stars” to tout their opinions had any value either. So much so, after spending a reported $100’s of millions of dollars to launch it – they pulled the plug in only three weeks.

Can you say “Dang!!!”

Look for all the fantastic “insight” he’s been trying to sell across the internet regarding his investing prowess and more to be doing much the same in the coming months.

Funny how everyone that was regarded as so “hip, smart and cool” suddenly find their value-proposition nosediving once the main driver (my conjecture) suddenly cuts off the funding for imbecilic spending, aka quantitative easing. (Paging Chamath Palihaptiya, Ms. Cathie Wood, Bueller…)

It would appear Mr. Galloway missed that question on the test. Either that or he copied Neil Young’s paper.

But that’s show biz, right?

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