Remembering The Buzzer And The Banging

As discussed on today’s show Netflix™ earnings has now come and gone – and it wasn’t a hit.

The share value (aka market cap) has now fallen over 25% from the closing bell today. And for clarity, that’s not 25% from its all time highs, or any previous high, for that matter. That’s just in the last few hours.

The issue at hand is two fold. First…

Netflix shareholders that thought there was a reason to hold through the prior sell off hoping (or via the Buzzer Banger’s latest recommendations) have now all but seen their investment from years prior – completely wiped out. And for those that bought in at the latest low looking for a quick bounce for profit? They’re the lucky ones and are only themselves sitting on over 25% worth of losses.

Quite the comparison to look for a something good, is it not? But I digress.


Netflix was one of the handful of companies whose share price was largely responsible for holding up the entire index complex i.e., NASDAQ™, S&P 500™, etc., etc., etc. Remember those terms such as FANG or FANG+ or FANGM again, etc., etc.? Well the “N” in all of those concoctions was: Netflix. And it’s suffice to say, that so goes Netflix, so may go those entire segments.

As always, we shall see. But for the “picture that tells a thousand losing 401K values.” Here is the updated or retouched version of the one I posted when I called out the “Buzzer Banger” prior. To wit:

Netflix as of this writing during the post session…

(Chart Source)

But I’m not on TV, so as always, what do I know, right?

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