Two For The Start

As the “markets” begin to resume after their long holiday weekend, I just want to post two charts that are emblematic of everything concerning said “markets” and the narrative that has been pushed. i.e., “Bitcoin™ is the new “safe” for money. And the other, “The Bear market is over.”

If those two alone had any validity, then the following would not be unraveling. To wit:

First Bitcoin…

(Chart Source)

The above is as I type this ~8:30am ET via four hour intervals. I added a circle to the top showing its peak and what transpired simultaneously. The results are playing out for themselves.

The second is an update of the S&P 500™ via the futures market at same time also via four hour increments, again, to wit:

(Chart Source)

As always, we shall see. However, that’s where they stand as of this moment, which is anathema to everything that has been told and sold via the mainstream business/financial media to date.

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