Friday Show Note

On Friday’s show I called what’s known as “an audible” in sports parlance or, what’s also known as “throwing a monkey wrench into the mix” with adding a subscriber only segment to the show.

As I’ve said prior, we’re changing the offerings and format of both show and more, and one of those is the separation between “subscriber only content” and “all access.” What we did Friday was something we’ve been discussing but hadn’t put into any true format as to the “how to’s.” So me, being me, decided “Let’s try that now.” sending everyone into a deer in the headlights reaction of “Wait, what? You mean, now as in right now?!” And so we did.

However, with that said, I wasn’t really satisfied with both my delivery as well as the time squeeze I set upon myself. i.e., I don’t believe I made my point as clearly as I wanted to.

So what I would like to do is post a link directly to Mr. Whalen’s article for you to read for yourself, because it sums up many of the points I’ve been making over the years and is coming from a position of intimate knowledge on the overall subject matter from the industry that needs to “know, understand and advise” as to the “what’s and why’s” things matter to banks.

This article, in particular, is not behind the paywall, so it’s accessible to anyone. I strongly urge you to read the article in its entirety for some further commentary and clarity.

Here’s that link, just click on the headline:

“Will SOFR Be the Death of Jay Powell?” R. Christopher Whalen via The Institutional Risk Analyst

I just didn’t want to leave this issue and point unresolved over the weekend.

See you all on Monday.

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