The Shot Heard Round The World

Those of you that have been reading and listening to me for a while know I’ve made one declaration concerning the Ukraine/Russia hostilities as to understand the reasoning behind it when most still seem confused, which is: It’s all about breaking the back of the U.S.$Dollar as the world’s reserve currency status.

I have argued that it is the goal of both China and Russia to now push, in unison, the world in ways that many can’t seem to fathom via a Western prism, yet, makes perfect sense if you use the construct from a business perspective, backed by the ruthlessness of a communist implementation strategy.

And it all starts with: The petrodollar construct. Break that – and the global financial world construct with all its current entrenched “leaders” and “rules” crash and burn with it. i.e., “You win!”

It’s a dangerous (and deadly) game of brinkmanship that can only be instigated and pushed by those that know the costs – and are willing to accept them. China and Russia, being communist, know this all too well, and have demonstrated time and again through the centuries their willingness to do just that. (need I say the tens of millions of souls they used as payment to fortify that argument?)

So now with that for a backdrop, let me now show you the proof behind my original thesis. To wit:

(Image Source)

The above just crossed the web as today’s broadcast was being uploaded where I, once again, talk further about precisely this happening. And now – here it is. From “crazy talk” to actual talks that are happening as I type this.

As I always say: I know that many times what I see over-the-horizon sounds like crazy talk to those that only see where I’m standing as over-the-horizon. But to dismiss it as just “crazy” is just plain nuts, because I’ve been proven more correct than even I like to admit.

Today is possibly another “notch” in that holster.

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