A Humbling Experience

I was just informed of a statistic that both surprised me, as well as humbled me in many ways.

Over the years I have made the argument over, and over, and over again that you need to not only know your metrics, but also understand what they mean. I used to post years back where my writings were being read around the globe at any given time when my site was just starting out.

I still remember how exhilarating it felt when I first boasted 10 different countries actively reading my site. Then 20, 30, 50, 60 and more till it was being downloaded somewhere around the globe 24 hours a day. I never kidded myself (and said so) that I was counting every hit since the website ever started just to make the metric seem bigger than it was. In other words, I had strict criteria as to not kid myself into thinking I was making some sort of an impact when all I may be doing is nothing more than counting random bots tagging my site and moving on. I also used this exact argument from the stage when I was out doing speaking engagements. Many of you have heard the story ad nauseam!

Trust me when I say this, because I’ve said it before and showed in detail precisely how it’s done and how cheap it is to do it. When I say “actively reading or downloading my material” I meant it.

It’s also why back when I really began to gain notoriety across the web when I would say “I have a global audience.” I could say it, mean it, and back it up with provable metrics. Hint: I could (and still could if I wanted) to have easily played the website traffic game that says it gets millions of hits using different companies that specialize in just that for what I consider “peanuts.” (Again, long time readers remember when I used to post precisely the “How to’s” explaining exactly that, and why they needed to know, so they wouldn’t/couldn’t be fooled by others.)

Like I argued when I put out my first book and launched it in the time frame and way that I did some 10 years ago. I was announcing on a near hourly basis just where it was being downloaded around the globe. In three days it was in 72 countries and my metrics could have easily put me in running for a “Best Seller” status had I gone that route but shunned it. Why?

Because I didn’t care about the “trophy status.” It was meaningless to me, all that mattered was would it be received or not when everyone in the publishing industry was telling me, “You’re crazy to do it the way you are and in that time frame. It’ll be a disaster.”

Again, so why did I really do it that way?

Easy: I also could have easily paid a firm that specializes in getting your book onto the NY Times™ best seller list and then could run around saying such like so many others. Yes, so many others.

All you need to do is pay the fee. (back then <$50K) So now you know why many a “best seller” gives you the feeling of “This was a best seller?” Ah, nope, or at least not in the way you think it was.

So why all the above and what’s the real reason for the title? Great question, this is why…

I was just informed of my latest stats concerning the broadcast. We keep a very careful eye on just how it’s doing and where because this is my first time into sharing the show on multiple platforms. And then I was shown this. To wit:

What the above represents (for I’ve blocked out a lot for privacy) is where the audience for the broadcast is coming from across the globe outside of my website. i.e., subscribers are not part of this metric.

My show, as well as website, has always garnered a large international reach over the years and on average at its peak (before the cancelling) 60+ was the norm (125+ counting all) with the usual U.S. dominant followed by U.K. or Canada, Australia, India, and on and on. The top 5 under the U.S. would always be moving in and out of certain places, sometimes Canada would be #2 followed by the U.K. or Australia would move up, or France and vice versa. You get the idea.

However, what floored me was that over the last week though Monday the #4 listening audience jumping in front of all the others that suddenly popped up out of nowhere – are people in Ukraine listening to my show with all you’re now witnessing going on there.

To think, that at this moment in time, with all that is currently going on there that someone is finding my show worthy of listening to hear my thoughts is not just incredible, but incredibly humbling. This is why when I say “I have far too much respect for my audience than to try and say crap I don’t believe.” You now have proof why.

And for those that listened to the show today, I will be picking up right where I left off regarding finishing my “why” it’s all happening (e.g., Ukraine) in the first place.

I also now owe it to those that are there, listening.

“What an amazing time this truly is.” now seems like an understatement.

See you all tomorrow.

© 2022 Mark St.Cyr