Monday Show Note

I’m just going to post two screenshots and two charts that tell the story that followed after all the arguments and accusations from many stating that I didn’t have a clue on what I was insinuating, which was: The mainstream business/financial media, both the free versions as well as paid subscription models were: nothing more than bandwagon cheering sections – not thoughtful analysis dialogues.

I mentioned briefly on today’s show a part of that argument, below is the “receipts” for said arguments. You decided, as it should be.

And remember, I’m not singling out Business Insider™ out of malice, for I’m both a subscriber as well as had many of my articles grace its front pages years back. However, they are, unfortunately, emblematic of the entire premise I propose.

So without further ado, to wit:

Regarding Cathie Wood in February 2021.

(Image Source)

Here’s what has happened since…

(Chart Source)

And here’s one sample regarding Bitcoin™ in the face of everyone telling me all year (2021) that it was inevitable that it was going to both dwarf $68K by year end, but better yet, all the “experts” were touting much, much, much, much (did I say much?) higher prices than that. Again, a “receipt” of just such certainty…

(Image Source)

And now where the “bill” now sits for said receipt…

(Chart Source)

And here’s just one more for the record since we’re on the subject. Remember way back in April of 2021 when I said the following?

I believe, before this year ends, that the now “Teflon® smocked doctor” will find himself under a wave of allegations of scandal and become one of the most reviled people in a generation if not longer.

“F.T.W.S.I.J.D.G.I.” April 2021

All I’m going to ask as we sit here now just 10 weeks into the new year…

Has anyone seen the once ubiquitous Dr. Fauci recently?

Now with the entire construct unraveling, is it not funny how suddenly all the “science” has changed without “The science” himself commenting about it any longer?

Pure coincidence I’m sure, right?


But then again, what do I know.

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