Tuesday Show Note

I’m going to make this as succinct as possible…

As I laid out today on the show, in regard to what I believe is the true driver of much of what is going on concerning Russia/Ukraine and the larger geopolitical issues. Here’s what I’m watching for tonight both in the U.S. “State of the Union” address, as well as the overnight “market” response.

I believe if the President pushes hard on both the issues of “Build Back Better” as well as “Green Energy.” There is a possibility for an immediate, as well as forceful, push to much lower levels. The reasoning is simple…

I believe the entire idea (at least at this moment) of both “green, solar, wind _________”(fill in your own here) is now dead. Any remote verbiage as to try and “cling” or “save” the issue with any possibilities will be met with fierce revulsion. Why?

As I said on the show today: Germany’s latest actions have shown precisely the reality of what happens when its suddenly realized all that hypothetical “greening” of their economy is now a hindrance to their virtual survival to heat or cook in the very near term.

So far, it looks like the U.S. still has not figured that out based on public announcements made by people within the administration and others.

As always, we shall see. But that’s what I’m watching for tonight.

We’ll discuss that and more on tomorrow’s show. See you then.

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