Friday Show Note

It’s hard for anyone trying to decipher any meaning into the recent rally as Russia invades Ukraine, when only a day or so prior, the entirety of the mainstream business/financial media was saying it was the precise reason for the “markets” selling off. As is sung on Sesame Street®: “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong 🎶”

Or said differently, you can’t have two opposite results for the same cause. That is, unless you’re married, but I digress.

So with the above said, all I want to leave you with concerning the latest machinations is the following chart. What it shows is pretty self explaining via the notation. i.e., We’re back to something I’ve been pointing out since the “markets” first lost their footing. Today stresses that point, once again, in spades. To wit:

(Chart Source)

And for those that are not “technical analysis” savvy and don’t get the gist of my notes and why, here’s what I’m saying and what the charts appear to be confirming…

Nothing is happening in regards to both the severity of the recent sell-offs, as well as the rocket-ship reverses that seem to be following them, to the eyes of one that’s seen a few of them over the years. i.e., They are precisely what one would expect if the scenarios I’ve been outlining since January were correct, and, if I wrote out them out ahead of time based on prior examples as to show what the resulting pattern may look like using those “text books” examples.

Again, it’s now all a bit too conforming. However, with that said, it’s also the reason why I have not wavered in my hypothesis of where I think everything is going – and soon.

As always anything can happen and usually does, but so far, it would appear the machines are now so much in control…

They’re becoming almost too obvious, which warrants its own class of warnings. But that’s for another column.

See you all on Monday.

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