What I’m Watching: Follow Up

As I sit here precisely 24hrs later than the original “What I’m Watching” there’s been little change in both my prognosis, as well as market sentiment i.e., if there’s no invasion imminent, then maybe my hypothesis of “Is that all there is?” is still relevant.

Below is the S$P 500™ futures via 15 minute intervals that show precisely what has transpired since. What I point to is that with further confirmation since that Ukraine war drums are fading, the only thing that has changed is the development of the original pattern I pointed to yesterday. Or, as they say in technical terms “Has become further developed.” However, my thoughts are still the same and the implications of the now “more fully formed” pattern shows the same. To wit:

(Chart Source)

As always, we shall see. But that’s where we are currently.

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