What I’m Watching

Now that Russia is supposedly sending signals that a Ukraine invasion is not imminent (questions still linger if it ever was) the “markets” are bouncing in their usual and much anticipated fashion. However, what one (which I count myself, also) should be watching closely, is if this is a “Is that all there is?” moment. Where after the bounce the resumption (e.g., downward) continues.

Below are two charts of the S&P 500™ futures market before the day session opens at the time of this writing (e.g., ~8:45am EST) To wit:

First a close up of the machinations via 15 minute intervals…

(Chart Source)

And via a daily…

(Chart Source)

What I would also like to draw your attention to is that we are still firmly in that “Danger Zone” I first outlined weeks ago.

As always, we shall see what happens next. But that’s what I’m currently focused on as to give any possible clues.

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