Scott Galloway Takes A Stand – To Further Faceplant His Integrity

I was told by a friend today that Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, just pulled his podcast from Spotify™ after reading a piece in The NY Times™ by Roxane Gay.

Here’s the thing…

If you read the opinion article (it’s behind a paywall) what you quickly come to the conclusion is why things are just so messed up, because the assertions and more pertaining to the stance and reasoning behind it is nothing more than false narratives being pushed as true. Hint: The “injecting of bleach” argument against Trump, just to use one, is as true as the Russian collusion story that was pushed by this same outlet. e.g., It was all bogus, and the NYT has itself had to admit it, only the corrections are buried so deep even their readers cant find them which is why they still decry them as true. Again, just to point out one, there are more.

The issue that’s being put forth is the idea of “Curation – not censorship.” It’s a canard of an argument because non of it stands the light of real, truthful analysis. But maybe that’s why it’s right-up-the-bag of Mr. Galloway.

Mr. Galloway has as much credibility regarding business insight as any college professor, which is usually nil. But hey, he’s the “Cool guy” teaching the “cool kids,” right? After all, why else would someone use their own father and laud their now drug dependent lifestyle as envious. And for those thinking I’m making it up? Here’s an article I wrote about just that in 2020. And here’s the excerpt. To wit:

Mr. Galloway starts off his article with the title “Capitalists Or Cronyism?” A topic I’m much in favor of commentary. It’s absolutely the right argument to address. Then, he opens up with a line quoting Lenin. Here’s my next line…

Well ain’t that special.

Then he goes on to extol the virtues of his aged farther, which under normal circumstances, is a a commendable act. However, we then find out how cool it is to be his age and be abusing Xanax™. I guess that’s to show all the “cool kids” that he’s still “cool, man.”

He has come to fame and fortune only via the largess of the Federal Reserve et al. (All my conjecture, of course.) He has touted in the early years that Facebook™ saved his retirement portfolio directly after the Great Financial Crisis. As I said then, I reiterate now: No, Mr Galloway – The Fed did. And you never making that distinction (or at least that I’ve ever come across) shows just how professorial his business insight truly is. i.e., Without the Fed – it ain’t jacksh#t.

Oh, but he’s now also known as a “investor” in Silicon Valley tech and start ups. Hint: watch how fast all that investing goes down the tubes as the Fed continues to hold-the-line on pulling its QE (quantitative easing). Can you say “Chamath Palihapitiya?” But I digress.

Here’s what I do know: Both Mr. Galloway and host of other “Cool guy’s” teaching the “cool kids” about business and investing are going to suddenly realize all that “insight” their parents or they are now on the hook for (i.e., six-figures) ain’t worth a subscription fee to anything he or his ilk will be selling in future. Count on it.

As I have said two years previously, and have been stating ever since from the moment Mr. Rogan found himself entering this imbroglio, when he dared say he would support Trump rather than Biden, when his then favorite (Sanders) was eliminated. That this would not be over till he was eliminated. And things are now getting close for precisely that.

What I’m also finding quite amusing is that Mr. Galloway is now taking some “cheer leading laps” on his predictions for 2021. One was that Facebook would be a big loser with the Metaverse™ thing. Sure, it’s a good one on a binary scale – but it was far more harder to stay with a prediction that as soon as the Fed ended QE – it would fall apart like AOL™. Let me explain…

Facebook isn’t just losing – it’s collapsing in real time. A distinction with a difference if I might just point out. And my argument is the one now coming into fruition, not his. His was a garbage call based on even more applicable garbage “insight.” What’s happening today would have happened in 2018 as I was arguing, but the Fed reversed course, again, that’s the only reason why it lasted this long.

Another is his type of ‘Nailed it!” argument that Bitcoin™ would reach $50K in 2021. Great, but just what did you say when if was going ever higher? Here’s what I know no one was saying: When do you get out? So, in reality – the call was worth jacksh#t if you’re still holding. Period.

Exp : it came within less than $5K of my prediction – less than three weeks late. Everyone at $50K thru $69K are in what is called – losses. So, again, on a binary call – “It’s winning.” On an insightful call? It’s garbage, less than equivalent to a coin flip, because far too many have now lost a lot of that wealth – than gained. Think about it.

Maybe he should plan on putting a show together for a podcast with Jim Cramer and call it: “No Idea, No Insight.”

Other than that I have no strong feelings on the matter. Well, maybe one…

What a tool.

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