Monday Show Note: Addendum

Below is a chart of Amazon™ that I feel is very instructive to those that feel all this “Good News!” happening within the “markets” just seems a bit flat and why.

Amazon as I type this is up nearly 4% on the day, a big move in any share price, especially one the size and scale of Amazon.

What I want to point out as you look at the following chart is to remember that tomorrow (Tuesday) they report their earnings for what is usually their most important quarter. e.g., Containing sales for the holiday season. Again, what I would like you to remember is the fact they are reporting sales for the holiday season of 2021, just a few months ago.

So with that now firmly planted in your mind for evaluation, here is said chart. To wit:

(Chart Source)

This is why the parading mainstream business/financial media’s reporting of “And Amazon is just killing it today…” ring less than flat. That’s because if one uses the above to test that thesis?

Just being “flat” for 2021 would be welcome, if not joyous, news to those which are now far from it and having to count losses for 2020.

Tomorrow is a big “expecting package day” for Amazon, no matter how its delivered.

Nobody (which includes the entirety of the mainstream business/financial media et al.) in November ever thought the above was possible, let alone probable. Yet, here we are. Just like I warned.

But then again, what do I know.

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