The Chomsky-Krugman Affect

First let me start off by stating, although I do not do politics, that does not mean I won’t point out things or veer into the political arena where politics collides with business. Meaning: where possible, probable or already manifest ramifications of such may or may not collide.

Today is one of those collision points.

Let me start off here as to set the tone…

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Hanlon’s Razor

The above is an adaptation derived from one of my favorite’s “Occam’s Razor” by computer programmer Robert J. Hanlon which now bears his name. But it’s also been used in other varying forms throughout the ages. e.g., Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in “The Sorrow of Young Werther” 1774 and so on.

What I’m trying to instill by the above is something that coincides to what one hears me say all the time i.e., “There’s nothing new under the sun.” And yes, although that’s a biblical idiom (Ecclesiates 1:4-11) that doesn’t mean I’m going down a religious path as to explain a political path that is now intersecting with a business path. (That’s a lot of paths!)

What I’m trying to express is the fact we’ve been facing many of the same issues we are currently, and have been since time immemorial. The only thing that has changed is the people, places and time. Other than that – it’s all the same.

This is why I also point out ad nauseam one has to put more emphasis as to understand human behavior rather than many business types of process analysis. Or said differently…

If you understand the people dynamic first, you’ll understand the business dynamic better. Reverse the order – and you’ll sooner be out-of-business, than in one.

Mark St.Cyr

The reason why the above is so important to understand is that if we look at the current conflagration involving Joe Rogan, Spotify™ and more. We can see why not only there is one to begin with, but also understand far more as to that “why” aspect.

This is far more important regarding and understanding business for what may be coming next, as well as what not. Both just as crucial, both implications just as misunderstood by many in business today, let alone the public at-large.

So now let’s got to why I used the above headline…

The two named (Chomsky and Krugman) are considered by many to be men of both great intellect and insight regarding their vocations. i.e. Noam Chomsky a Laureate Professor of Linguistics and Paul Krugman a Nobel Prize winning Laureate of economics.

Now here’s where I’m going to address that only half of the above is correct and the other to be void of such…

If you were to take select passages in isolation of Chomsky’s regarding “democracy” they have a reverence to them, a kind of “all knowing all seeing” quality to them. Here’s just one. To wit:

The media serve the interests of state and corporate power, which are closely interlinked, framing their reporting and analysis in a manner supportive of established privilege and limiting debate and discussion accordingly.

Noam Chomsky, “Necessary Illusions” Thought control in democratic societies (1988 South End Press™)

However, if one reads or has listened to him over the years. Any thinking person that understands the true dynamics of what happens within a democracy vs what happens via a representative republic quickly realizes people like Mr. Chomsky couldn’t direct, let alone start, any viable democracy that wouldn’t eventually devolve into complete and totalitarian rule following his tutelage.

My proof? We’re now dealing with precisely that. In other words: what is causing so many issues today is what has been instructed and championed by him and others like him throughout academia. And he is completely clueless in recognizing this glaring fact. Don’t take my word for it, take his own.

In the program “Requiem for the American Dream” available via YouTube™ Mr. Chomsky begins going into great length for his assertions as to why it is business, particularly big business, that is one of the sole reasons why the U.S. is both heading down the tubes, but was also fundamentally founded by big business as to enshrine business from democracy therefore – that is the root cause of all our ills plaguing the U.S.

It is pure, unadulterated, tripe. And it shows in great detail just how absolutely political ideology can take over one’s viewpoint so alarmingly that not only can he “Not see the forest through the trees.” as one saying goes, but also, can’t see said forest burning started via the dumpster-fire both he and his ilk promulgate. It’s beyond inane.

In the program I highlighted above, if you watch just the first 10 minutes (trust me, it’s all you need) you’ll understand precisely what I mean, for his assertions as well as conclusions miss the mark of reality by so much, we’ll all be lucky if an asteroid stays on such a course from Earth.

His conclusions and arguments for “democracy” boiled down to nothing more than the actual implementation into the real world for mob rule. He is so politically biased that he doesn’t (nor do I believe can) disassociate himself with his political bent that he insinuates that Madison enshrined in our founding and founding documents the idea that business had to be able to protect itself from democracy because it was in the best interest of business – democracy be damned.

No, what Madison (and the founders et al.) did was found the nation on the principles as to ensure pure democracy (i.e., majority rules e.g., 51%) could not supplant true democratic rights and principles protecting the minority from the overarching deleterious consequences of: 51% want it, therefore whatever the majority wants – it gets. Regardless of the proposition and/or consequences.

He also goes on as to describe why the Senate was created and for what purpose. He’s not just wrong, but near criminally negligently so, for he puts forth the proposition that the only reason why the Senate was created in its form was to enshrine business against democracy, for after all he states, “They weren’t even elected in the beginning.”

In other words. The founding construct of the U.S. was to ensure against democracy.

Again, what a bunch of tripe.

He is correct that the Senate was not originally constructed to be an elected office chosen directly by the people, but rather, by the elected representatives of those people , however, it was for a very important reason…

Originally, they (the Senate) were put there and weren’t elected, precisely for the reason as to help create a firewall, if you will, against the negative ramifications that comes from mob-rule.

Or said differently: It was created to be the place where every state, regardless of size, had equal representation via a handpicked set of people that understood both the business dynamics, as well as the consequences of onerous taxes on its commonwealth and citizenry, as to either stop, or at the least, slow down legislation that would allow one person to pick the pockets of another by enshrining said practice into law. It wasn’t till the 17th Amendment in 1911 it changed.

(Note: Many people point to this precise point of time where this and others such as the Federal Reserve Act 1913 and more were created and state “Here’s where the Chomsky type viewpoint was enacted and began to fail the nation, but that’s for others far more qualified than myself to argue.)

Mr. Chomsky doesn’t seem to understand it’s his own views that have been both taught and now implemented that is causing many of the underlying reasons to his current worrying, re: why the “American Dream” is suddenly at risk.

Note: This is not to say there are not some equally foolish ideas and dictates that have been put forth and implemented via “the opposite side of the aisle” as they say. Both are just as culpable, but these two, currently, are far more emblematic as to explain the why and now more so than others for this example. i.e., There’s plenty of blame to go around.

Then – there’s Krugman.

Paul Krugman is one of those that makes arguments much like Mr. Chomsky, that appear brilliant in isolation, with one caveat. You don’t need to read any further if you’re a business person to understand with immediacy that they’re just plain nuts and don’t work.

It is people like Mr. Krugman that give buoyancy to ideas that should be left at the bottom of some lake where they always end up after implementation. Things such as: Printing endless supplies of money is a good thing and we should do more of it. i.e., Jump on the MMT bandwagon (Modern Monetary Theory aka magic money tree) and ride it along singing and strumming to the cool sounds of “Problems Solved” via that hot new group known as Academia. Not even The Beatles have seen such raving fans since their 1960’s debut.

Why this is important is because of the same reasons I used to describe Mr. Chomsky and his affects above…

Krugman couldn’t start and run a flea market stand for any length of time before it would become insolvent based on any of the principles he both espouses in the press, but worse, teaches budding minds that pay his exorbitant teaching fees.

Need I remind anyone of his laughable 2013 idea that seems to keep coming up (and now,again, in 2021) from the bottom of the lake to manage the debt by minting a few $Trillion Dollar coins?

Here’s the issue with such that is apparent to anyone with a modicum of business acumen as opposed to the entirety of students and now politicians and corporate ideology that seems to be enshrining the possibility for such lunacy. Ready?

The moment an outside source or vendor decides they no longer recognize the value of your currency in the valuation you attribute to it – it’s over. Welcome to the Zimbabweification process.

In other words: The moment you need one item outside of the national borders of the issuing currency – it’s over – because if they counter party decides they want Zimbabwe currency rather than yours? Yours just became worth less than Zimbabwe’s.

Think about that very carefully, don’t let that point be lost, for I picked the latter example precisely to illustrate the point because its the truth, not just an abstract.

This is why we’re currently having so many issues regarding both policy, business, money and the dynamic relationships that are needed to be understood by all.

The issue here is business and thinking people can see the above clearly and understand the trappings of it we’re all now dealing with.

The other side of that coin is that the affect that is effecting all of it – is the complete lack of understanding many of the people being held in high regard as to explain where we are haven’t a freaking’ clue. Yet, they are being held up as the one’s that will show the way.

This is the true reason why we’re in such a funk.

© 2022 Mark St.Cyr