Spotify The Difference

It appears, once again, the calls for Joe Rogan to be cancelled are growing louder by the day. What I would like to call attention to is something far too many have never fully understood. However, that once self-induced ignorance is about to change, and fast.

As I’ve said repeatedly: Most employees within many of these companies of today that not only embrace the idea of “cancel culture” but actually call for it within their respective organizations, have no understanding that when the shift you are witnessing now regarding “markets” plays out, it will be they that will be the first to be cancelled (i.e., unemployed) rather than many they call for.

It’s a simple equation and it goes like this: Joe Rogan is the product, therefore, he is the considered “the investment.” Why? He gives reason for people to buy which produces income to pay all the expenses.

Employees are an expense, regardless of what they think, believe or anything else. Cancel Culture employees are an expense that multiply that expense equation exponentially, therefore, when funds run low to pay expenses – expenses get cut. Sometimes dramatically so.

Below is a chart showing Spotify™ latest stock gyrations. Hint: there are a lot of people that are going to suddenly find out just whom or what gets picked first to be “cancelled.”

Hint: The more this price goes down, the more “cancels” are going to be needed to afford Mr. Rogan from leaving.

Welcome to “It’s different this time.” in reverse as to whose voice is more relevant.

(Chart Source)

As always, we shall see.

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