MYTR Website Update

I have both an announcement as well as some words of gratitude, so please read this note in its entirety. (I also made this statement at the end of today’s show.)

Beginning this weekend, except for the front page access to the show via the ad supported outlet and player, everything else will now be “Subscriber Only.” Meaning: all content such as my writings, charts, videos and more, will no longer be available unless you are.

Since returning from hiatus I have been quite forthcoming in alerting these changes were coming. I have done my best with offers and more for people to take advantage of, which a great many of you have, and I’m grateful to all of you for your support.

However, now that I no longer seek to have my material accessible for the larger media sources, nor am I concerned with the breaking of links across the search engines concerning any of my prior articles. (As I’ve detailed prior, most have been canceled by said outlets so it’s now irrelevant.)The time has come to both protect as well as enhance, the exclusivity of content that subscribers support and pay for.

If you have been a “Follower” of my website and have been getting email notices with posts and more (just like this one that you are reading currently) you will no longer have access to reading them unless you’re either a current subscriber via an annual subscription, monthly or a “Charter Member.”

I understand many of you may just unsubscribe immediately. Many of you have been with me for now over a decade, some are going to be upset, some will see it as “Meh.” I totally understand and respect whatever choice you make. I can not tell you how appreciative I am that you have found my work of value over this period.

I have made many offers over this period for those that wanted to take advantage of that appreciation to do just that, and an amazing number of you did. But now the time has come to move into those changes.

So, it is with a sad heart I look at possibly losing one of you, but as I’ve articulated and been stating these many months – the site, my content, and access to it – is changing. That change is now here.

Emails going forward from the website will be only be intended to work as notifications of both newly posted material be it audio, video or text to subscribers. So, if you are not a subscriber to one of the monthly or yearly plans (or Charter Member) they will be of little value, so please feel free to unsubscribe.

Again, all can still access the show via the front page of the website that is advertiser supported.

You can also now get the show on your favorite streaming or podcast service. It’s on Apple™, Google™, Spotify™, iHeart™ and a host of others. Just type in “MYTR Broadcast” and you’ll find it.

The site is also expanding with different offerings and more on places like Rumble™, Getrr™ and Locals™. Just type in “MYTR Broadcast” in any of them and we’ll show up and you can bookmark them or follow them via their interface. Currently they are dormant and are in “placeholder” status. But that will be changing in the weeks and months ahead.

Once again, thank you to all of you that have been followers over these many years. I wish you all the best and hope to see many of you that may just migrate to my other offerings that may best suit your needs going forward.


Mark St.Cyr and everyone at the StreetCry Media family.