Why Context Is Imperative

As I was stating on today’s show, it’s imperative to understand the complete context as to where these “markets” (and so much more) currently are. To emphasize some of my earlier assertions, I use for today’s example (the other day’s was Amazon™) none other than what has now been claimed the undisputed “king” of all streaming content: Netflix™.

Again, using the same question for context as I did for the prior…

Please square this circle: If the economy is doing as well as it is reported; if online streaming has now all but decimated traditional viewing and will continue into the future as viewership has moved to online services as the default for most; and since we’re now entering that time of even more seclusion at home, indoors (e.g., winter) – then tell me why the undisputed “king” of all streaming is now worth less than it was then, now one year later? To wit:

(Chart Source)

Hint: the clue can be found both in the bottom text, as well as the top.

Funny how that is, yes?

But then again, what do I know.

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