Tuesday Show Note

If a picture says a thousand words…

Than these “pictures” (as of ~11:45am EST) insinuate there’s a whole lot of “WTF!” going on around the water-coolers of both Twitter™ and Block™ (formerly Square) rather than the applauding of Jack’s return. To wit:

First, Twitter: So far has lost 50% of its market cap.

(Chart Source)

Next, Block (Formerly Square). Not yet a full 50% loss, but the day is young is all I’ll say.

(Chart Source)

All I’ll add to the above is the following…

With the Federal Reserve now (supposedly) hell-bent in fighting a far more transitory troubling inflation concern with a hastening for reducing QE (quantitative easing) along with jawboning “Rate hikes are on the way.” Look for people like the aforementioned going from “Boy genius” in media and Silicon Valley circles, to losing half of that moniker. Which half I’ll leave up to you.

As always, we shall see.

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