Monday Show Note

I just wanted to present another side of my argument that I made on today’s show. i.e., In a binary (yes/no) sense, my projection at the very beginning of the year was wrong.


As I was explaining, I believe my hypothesis and conjecture regarding Bitcoin™ was far more correct than any other across most, if not all, the mainstream business/financial media complex.

Yes, a 65% gain in a year is absolutely something to be championed by any ticker symbol, however, that was not anything even close to what was being told/sold via the so-called “smart-crowd” set.

Using the chart below I adjusted the Y axis as to show just where this supposed “phenom” was argued to conclude in 2021. Hint: as I stated on the show, “Bitcoin ended the year on a whimper, not anything resembling strength.” I not only stand by that statement, but post the aforementioned chart to back it asking only for you to come to your own conclusions if I have a point or not. As It should be. To wit:

(Chart Source)

And for those that may want to know, the answer is: No. I do not think we go higher from here. As a matter of fact, since we’ve now only entered the year by three days…

I predict we’ll continue to slide ever further down all year where $29K will look down right stellar. If it could ever get back up there. (And just for clarity, i.e. “get back up there.” is not a mistake – I mean it.)

As always, we shall see. But there it is for those that want to know.

© 2022 Mark St.Cyr

Note: This is not trading or investing advice of any sort. This commentary is for “big picture” discussion purposes only. Please read, or re-read the “About This Site” page for any questions or clarifications.