Delivery Complete

It would appear that Santa delivered when via a technical perspective the odds were, once again, nearing nil. However, as has been the case far too numerous to count, the “markets” not only stopped their perilous possibilities, but reversed course and are now marking newer, even more bigly higher highs. Again, what were the odds. (sarcasm implied)

So, with the above said, I leave you with the following updated S&P 500™ futures chart (about 7:30am EST) closing in on what appears to be the algorithmic bot target for the end of year: 4800. Looks like it’s now all but inevitable. Vegas should pose such odds and payouts. Oh wait, they’re now going to open a crypto trading facility that also just so happens to be a casino. Can’t make this stuff up, but I digress. To wit:

(Chart Source)

And for those that may have missed my prior observations and notations here’s the chart that is the predecessor to the above for context, again to wit:

(Chart Source)

As I also stated prior, “It was all appearing a bit too technical.” This reversal is also text book, just the odds of it happening were about 99.1 against. But, once again, that shows it was the winning play. All I’ll say to all of it is this…

Imagine that paying off, again, for the 99.9th time in row.

But there it is.

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