Dancing Shoes On Parade

I’ve received a plethora of inquiries asking me to explain “Just WTF happened yesterday? It makes no sense!” regarding the “markets” reaction to the new Fed stance and policy edicts. All I can say for the moment is: It doesn’t and yet it does.

We’ll dig into this in detail and a few other topics on today’s show. But for the moment, before said “markets” open in the U.S. I want to leave you with the following chart via a one minute bar/candle representation of the S&P 500™ futures from yesterday to about 8:15am EST as I type this.

The reason for it is self explanatory via the annotations. In other words, what happened yesterday has a lot of people puzzled, however, if you understand the technical and other underlying processes that are at play at this moment? Let’s just say today’s show is one you should not miss to understand in more detail. i.e., “Fire and Brimstone” was not averted, it was delivered. This response to it, is what is going to possibly catch more people off guard than at any other time.

See you then.

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