This Time It’s Different

I’m just going to leave you with the following two dichotomies, which speak for themselves.

The first…

Here’s something I know most have not ever heard before:

As “The Markets” deliver stock holders, once again, to never before seen in history higher heights. Facebook™ is only a hares-breath from entering a bear market (i.e., down 20% from its most recent all time high e.g., ~$384 to ~$308) on the same day, which also just so happens to be less than 24hours after its “Great!” earnings call, where it announced it would buyback $50Billion of its shares.

Normally this would propel it along with everything else skyward. Yet today? The headline on this article may be all that needs to be read.

The second…

Talk about “Being rich:”

In what can only be described as a: totally non-self aware, tone-deaf statement. The following quote and image is in response regarding the proposed “Wealth Tax” from non other than the poster-child of self-enrichment via the tax codes (aka Green Tax Credits) Elon Musk with the following Tweet. Once again, to wit:

(Image source)

Now that’s what you call “rich.” And not in a good way.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr